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What do people with ugly kids do?

What do people with ugly kids do?
18 January 2013

Now it stands to reason, that not everyone can have gorgeous kids.  There is surely a statute of limitations on good looks out there.  And the ugly gene seems to have skipped my family.  For generations already.  Thank you very much!

But then I had a good look at my friends’ children – they’re all pretty darn good looking too.  How is it possible?  Even more interesting – my kids don’t have ugly friends!  Not even fugly ones.  Not a single one!

So I’ve got a working theory – “THEY” SEND ALL OF THE UGLY PEOPLE AWAY.

But here’s the big question – to where?

Well, I’ve got a few ideas.  A certain amount of them, can be found working behind counters and tills.  This is true.  You might have spotted them whilst out and about.  Doing your errands.

It’s not implausible that some of them work in factories, away from public scrutiny.  Others possibly do the night shift, lest they be seen by you and me.

Still others work in government. 

For these poor individuals, there is no hope.  No make-up can fix, what needs to be fixed.

More interesting even, is the fact that some of these people are blissfully unaware.  Or perhaps they just don’t care. 

How funny our world is, that so much emphasis is placed on the gift wrapping of a person.  The mere visible outside.  When surely we all know, it’s the inside bit that really counts?

Cause of what purpose is a person, who is pleasant to the eye, but not to the heart?  Whose core is no good?

This is a much harder problem to fix.  And sadly, inside beautiful empty vessels, there are many people like this. 

They look gorgeous, but there beauty is just skin deep.  They are not pure.

Physical beauty is great.  But it is not the most important thing. 

Perhaps more emphasis should be put on creating inner beauty and peace, than trying to create outer beauty through artificial means.

But then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Still, I don’t think there are really any physically ugly people out there.  True some are less attractive than others, but it’s just looks.

On the other hand, there are lots of people that are emotionally ugly. 

A far worse fate.

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  1. I remember looking at the kids at Methodist on Monday mornings in church, all sitting still where one can look at all of them objectively, and thinking that was one was beautiful in a different way!