Friday, 24 January 2014

Are you an over or an under?

Are you an over or an under?
24 January 2014

Now don’t let your imagination go running wild.  This is not a dirty question.  A question best reserved for bedroom pleasures.

In fact it’s perfectly reasonable.  Obvious even.

Personally I wouldn’t have thought that it mattered.  I wouldn’t thought that I cared.

But clearly, I thought wrong.  There’s a huge debate about the whole issue out there.  An online forum even.  More than one.

And what it boils down to is this:  Are you and over or an under?

Well, loo roll of course!

Do you prefer the loose bit flapping over the bog roll, or underneath it?

If you ask me, this all shouts OCD.  Actually, it screams it.  And depending on how far advanced your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is, it might do it at regular intervals.  At a certain decibel level.  For a specific allotted time.  Repeatedly.  Pointing to the right.  Excepting on Thursdays.  Just saying.

But then I gave it some thought, I think it has affected me too…

In Helene-land, I prefer the loose flap, on top.  And I will always change a roll in this manner.  When I replace one that is.  Or my husband or kids put it in wrong…

However, I have not yet sunk to the depths where I will change the bog roll, in random places, simply because it’s wrong.  Like in the bathrooms of friends, while using the ladies’ room at my kids school, or when visiting family.  And other such places.

I am quite capable of restraining myself and of holding back.

But as for my bathroom? 

Overs, not unders baby!

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Right! So about this!
Hardly surprised to know that my way, is the obvious right way. It's logical you see!


B! B!! B!!! The answer is always B!

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  1. Rob cares - got to be under, of course, like his dad insisted!!

    I just don't care!