Monday, 27 January 2014

My kids have more money than me


My kids have more money than me
27 January 2014

It’s a sad fact in life, that my unemployed children have more money than me. 

The kids that don’t yet earn a living.  That are still in school.  That have not yet embarked on a career, or even chosen an employment field.  The kids that have not received a single salary cheque.  Ever.

Yip, those same kids, have more money than me. 

Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

Though it can be said, that on occasion (not always), I have more money than them, the problem is this – it’s never really earmarked for me.

Instead, it has other cavernous holes, it has to fill.  Those school fees, the municipality, Telkom, sports, extra-murals, and the bottomless pit that is their stomachs, not to mention the endless lists of holes, standing in line to be filled.

Truthfully, some never really get filled either.  Mostly, I throw a bit of money down most of the holes, to semi-pacify, yet never quite fill it.  Oh, I would give more if I could.  But the problem is this – there’s just so bloody many of them! 

And somehow the list usually tends to grow, not diminish. 

And ironically, apart from seeing to my kids financially, I don’t really give them money at all.  Oh, they get the odd tuck shop spending treat, or spending money when they go on an outing, or have a rather scarce outing to the Mall.  But mostly, I tend to buy stuff for them.  Stuff they need.

So how come they have so much money?  Well, they do a fair bit of hoarding.  Some of them save up their tuck shops bits and bobs.  Change is not really something kids give back.  And as a parent it’s understood.  Though it does also depend largely on what denomination of money you gave them in the first place.  If you give them a big note, then you expect big change.  It’s only fair.

But the biggest source of random income for kids, is birthdays.  Grannies in particular are fond of giving money – yay!!! 

And another sure-fire way for kids to get some dosh, is to have a birthday party.  Now we’re talking the big leagues.  Kids tend to give other kids cash too.  It’s a safe option, as it allows the birthday kid to choose a gift of their own, and to pool all of their birthday money takings together.  Affording them the freedom and opportunity to get something really special. 

And believe you me, they get quite a substantial amount of money!  The more guests, the more bucks.  A friend’s daughter recently got just over R4 000 at her birthday party.  To be fair, it was a rather large party, but still.  And this clever kid, bought herself a laptop.  Very wise indeed.

It’s like receiving an annual bonus, without having to put in the time, labour and effort.  Clearly a win-win.

And as it is a birthday, it is perfectly fine.  My kids always give other kids money, as they so enjoy getting money in return.

But here’s the thing – if you and I get money, it has to go somewhere.  Do something.  Pay something. 

It’s very seldom just there for the sole purpose of self-splurging and spoiling.  Which is the rather unique and privileged situation these young kids are in.

I know they absolutely love it.  Aeons are spent deciding on what to do with their money.  And it is a part of the fun and treat.

Now I’m woman enough to admit, that on occasion, I’ve pushed my kids for a small short term loan. 

No mafia loan shark anywhere, has anything on a kid owed money.  And I never quite feel that my kneecaps are safe.

Which is why I tend to aim to pay them back as quick as possible.  Same day service – my best.

Anyway, funny thing is this – pooled resources after my recent birthday a few weeks ago, left my R1 000 richer, with strict instructions, to spend the cash on myself.  And now, just like my kids, I’ve spent a disproportionate amount of time, planning and dreaming on exactly how I’m going to treat myself. 

In fact, I’m almost loathe to finally spend the money.  As the dreaming about it, as more than half the fun.

And so I think I’ll stretch it out some more.  Window shopping at quaint little shops, until I find my long lost future treasure. 

To find that one thing, I never knew, I always wanted.

Yip, I might wait a really long time.  Perhaps end up pooling next birthday’s dosh and this one’s together…

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  1. Love your line about a kid being owed being worse than a mafia loan shark!!
    Tooooo true!