Sunday, 26 January 2014

I suppose two out of three isn't so bad

I suppose two out of three isn't so bad
26 January 2014

As odds go, two out of three, is actually not bad.  It’s a clear majority.  A definitive 66,6%. 

Statistically speaking, you’re doing okay.  Only a 33,3% margin, to the other side.

However, I suppose it all depends on exactly what you are measuring.  What these odds indicate.  Their significance, if you like.

Now take my kids – the reason, for this specific statistical analysis.  66,6% of my kids are compliant.  And this is good.  It’s that dastardly 33,3% though, that’s the real bugger. 

Within bounds, two of them are happy to toe the line.  To follow instructions.  Oh, they might not like it very much, and they have the odd whinge or whine.  And streak of rebelliousness.  Most of this age-appropriate behaviour.  Normal even.  Part of the deal.  Accepted.  It would be strange, if they didn’t object and complain. 

But basically, they are just that – compliant.  They bend.  They understand that I’m the boss.

As a parent, this is a good thing.  It makes for fairly easy and effective parenting.

It goes like this: 
  • Give instruction = kid follows instruction
  • Explain situation = kid understands
  • Ask for patience of child before they get something = kid is patient
Etc. etc. etc.

But with that 33,3% non-compliant child, it’s not that easy. 
With them, it goes like this:
  • Give instruction = kid argues, won’t understand reasoning, defies, mumbles, grumbles, feels done-in, feels victimised, drags feet, mother’s patience diminished, tempers rise, knock-on effect on other kids
  • Explain situation = kid refuses to understand, argues with the logic, tries to find a way around the situation, mumbles, grumbles, feels done-in, feels victimised, etc. etc. etc.
  • Ask for patience of child before they get something = really why even bother

Now logically, you would think that the 66,6% majority, would overrule the 33,3% minority.  But it doesn’t.  Sadly.

Cause somehow or other, that one non-compliant kid’s behaviour, dominates the situation.  By about 99%.

It truly defies logic.

Statistics are a fine thing, if they work in your favour.  But in this instance, the minority, rules the majority.

Ironically, I think the non-compliant kid is going to get exceptionally far in life.  Possibly more so than the compliant kids.  As the non-compliant kid, strives to go against the grain, break the rules and not just blindly accept the status quo.  This child will challenge and always aim higher.

Ironic also, is the fact that the non-compliant kid, is completely compliant at school and amongst friends.

Go figure.

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