Friday, 31 January 2014

Hey! If I met me, I'd want to be friends.


Hey! If I met me, I'd want to be friends.
31 January 2014

I think a natural progression of growing older, is getting to know yourself better.  Of coming to terms with who you are.  Of realising your strengths, identifying your weaknesses and working on them.

However, the greatest gift of getting older, is accepting yourself for who you are. 

Now I know that I said we work on the weak areas, and it’s only right.  But still, on the whole, you accept the person you are.

Not so many of the youthful hang-ups remain.  One’s focus shifts.  You see the wood for the trees.  Realise what’s important.  Focus on the good.  Forgive yourself for your mistakes and your past.  And turn your attention to the future.  Keep your eye on the greatness that still lies ahead.  Strive to do even better.

Everything in your life, until this point, has shaped who you are.  Led you on this path.  Turned you into the person you’ve become. 

You don’t beat yourself up anymore for the things you can’t change.  You learn to live with your shortcomings.  And see them as merely a portion of yourself.  Not the whole thing.  Because if you don’t, you can make yourself terribly unhappy.

No amount of willpower, is going to make my nose smaller.  So I might as well accept it.  As resistance to my shnozz is futile.  It’s there.

However I don’t need to like the selfish part of myself.  That dark little corner, I don’t really like anybody else to see.  Now that – that is a bit I can work on.  And I do.

But in general I’ve realised that if I were to meet myself, I’d probably want to be friends. 

In a warped kind of way, it even makes sense.

Me and Me would make awesome BFF’s.  We’d like the same people.  Share the same family.  We’d have the same taste in clothing, and décor too.  Actually, all things considered, it would be a perfect fit.  Not so sure I’d let Me get too close to my husband.  He might fancy the other Me a lot.

Which does not mean that I think that I’m perfect or better than anybody else.  I’m just in a comfortable space with me.

So here’s my suggestion to you.  If you haven’t befriended your own Me, do so.  Perhaps take it slow in the beginning.  Work your way up to a proper honest-to-goodness friendship.  Maybe the odd coffee date in the beginning.  A walk on the beach.  Eventually working yourself up to a sleepover date.  Chances are, if you really got to know your very own Me, you’d like them too.  Sure you’ll find you have lots in common.

As for me and Me?  Actually to be honest, I like Me.  A lot.

And it’s good.
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  1. I really enjoyed this blog - you make so much sense! Pity we take so long to reach this point!

  2. I like you a LOT!! Yes, it is ridiculous that it takes so long to make peace.