Tuesday, 28 January 2014

We've been infected - with Beatles fever, no less


We've been infected - with Beatles fever, no less
28 January 2014

It’s like an illness is reigning in my home of late.  An epidemic of epic proportions. 

Perhaps it can be called a musical epiphany.  An auditory awakening of the senses.

Every single last one of us, has been infected.  With Beatles fever, no less.

The Beatles music, forms the soundtrack of my childhood.  The music I grew up to. 

Yes, there was lots of other music too – The Rolling Stones, Cream, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Led Zepplin, The Doors, Supertramp, etc.  Yet the prevailing flavour, was always The Beatles.  A firm favourite with everyone in the home. 

All of us knew all of my Mom and Dad’s LP’s off by heart.  Instinctively knowing, when one song finished, exactly what the next one would be.  Singing along, knowing all of the words.

By the time we picked up instruments, it was the songs we wanted to play.  That we got real enjoyment from. 

And I suppose the infection has been lying dormant for a while.  Brewing and brewing.  Festering away. 

But I had not really been actively listening to any Beatles tunes for a while.  It happens that way sometimes.

And then a cousin got married in December and we decided to do a wedding flash mob.  Only one song would do – “All you need is love”.  It was really rather obvious – a perfect fit.

And I do believe, that it is at that exact point that the virus became active once more. 

I gorged myself on that song.  Over and over and over again.  And you know how it goes with an obsession – once you have one, you simply have to have another.  Denial is futile.  And thus one Beatles song, led to another.  And another.  And another after that.

Still I ambled along in a fairly good non-terminal-infectious-state for a bit.  Until, quite per chance, I stumbled across the movie, aptly called, “Across the universe”.  My aunt had been raving about it for many years, urging me to watch it.  Yet somehow it never really crossed my path.  Until one fine day, when I bumped into it.  And I just couldn’t resist.  It is an absolutely incredible movie, using (yip you guessed it) Beatles songs to tell a story and use as a soundtrack.

And it was at this exact point, that the contamination levels rose dangerously.  Nobody was safe.  Infection levels had spread.  The virus was set free in my home, to consume all at will.  No one was safe.  Protection, inoculation and vaccination was futile.  Perhaps not even quarantine would be safe?

Cause where there’s a Beatles tune, there’s a way.

My kids are humming it.  Listening to songs on the computer.  Amber’s been fiddling playing, “Here comes the sun”, on the piano – one note at a time.  Figuring out the bits as she’s going along.

The infection got so bad, that Grant eventually resorted to making one big monster Beatles MP3 disc with as many Beatles tunes on as possible.  We have all of the CD’s, so it made sense to put them onto MP3, as one can just fit so many more songs onto one disc.

But you see, here’s the problem.  In his ignorance, he only cut one disc.  What a chop!

It is like a roaming CD at the moment.  Playing musical owners, not just songs.  Changing hands many times in one day.  Switching between Grant’s car and mine – the kids CD players in their bedrooms.  We’ve all put some songs on our cell phones too.

Still I’m suspecting, that like my folks’ LP records of late, the CD will be played until the tracks have just about been worn off.

And would you believe it, I’ve been overcome with a sense of just letting things be.  Of not worrying about yesterday.  Seeing strawberry fields forever.  Picturing myself on a boat on river.  Wanting to hold people’s hands.  Seeing diamonds in the sky.  I want to please, please me.  And you.  Realising that you can’t buy me love.  That I need a ticket to ride.  And that I don’t mind if baby drives my car.  Because something in the way she moves, attracts me like no other.  Cause I feel fine.

Actually, it’s all coming together – right now.

Over me.

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  1. Still my all time favourite!
    The Beatles will alwys remind me of Daddy!