Friday, 10 August 2012

There once was a girl called Katrine

There once was a girl called Katrine
Who was skinny and slim as a bean
She was as mad as a hatter
I wish she was fatter
The best sister you’ve ever truly seen

I’m sure I’ve got the best sister by far
If I was a teacher I’d give her a gold star
She’s fun and she’s funny
I wouldn’t trade her for any money
I wish I could play her a tune on the guitar

(Oh, wait, she has Robin for that – Thanx Robin!)

Katrine is my favourite gal-pal
My best friend by far I can tell
She makes me laugh out real loud
And makes me feel oh so proud
If I could bottle her magic it would sell

Her husband’s name is Robin Auld
And even though he’s quite old he’s not bald
Her love nickname for him is “my old sokkie”
“Baby-shoes” he calls her instead of "my bokkie"
And jointly “The Footwear” they’re called

Now “The Footwear” have a daughter named Honey
Who’s personality is sparkling and sunny
She has long curly brown hair
And is really just ever so fair
Her little pommie accent makes her sound funny


  1. Lovely Helene! Interesting pic!

  2. This is what happens when you are left at home with no kids! What happened to the Zinger wings?

  3. Aaaaaaaw...I'm floored and thrilled and SO surprised, but mostly just chuffed!! Oh my word.. thanks Foef..
    I TOTALLY 100% ditto back the first 2 back to you as I can't believe how lucky I got with a sister like you. So I wish I was clever enough to right one back but instead...just change the Katrine bit to Helene! And Grantie not so hot on the guitar...maybe Al or your favourite brother in law? Love you and GREAT pic!! xxxxxxx

    1. Always get a smile when I pop into your blog. Luv it.