Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mother Russia

Mother Russia
26 August 2012

So we’re a month and a bit into the blog, and I thought it was perhaps time to reflect.  Looking back through my previous posts, it appears as though I reflect and ponder quite a bit.  Never realised that until now.

Simply loving the daily writing.  I’ve got a whole bunch load of ideas for posts , so if you choose to check out the link every day or every so often, you'll be stuck with me for a while.  I've still got lots and lots I'd like to write about.  And I’m forever making little notes on my phone to remind myself about something or other I’d like to add to the blog or “reflect” and “ponder” about in a post. 

Looking back through my previous posts, it appears as though I’m quite opinionated.  Never realised that until now either.  Please bear in mind that these “reflections” and “ponderings” are the mere “ramblings” of a confused mind.

I’ve been struck by the very unexpected growth of the blog.  It does a bit of a slow and steady growth thing, and then for some or other reason, I have a particular blog that appeals to a whole bunch of people and then I have a mushroom type of thing.  But all in all the daily numbers are growing – exponentially, I’d say.

And still the overseas viewership tickles me.  Now the UK, that I kind of get.  Why half of our South African brain power, now resides in England.  I reckon you can’t walk 50m without tripping over a South African in London.  A rip roaring trade is done in South African products, with whole shops dedicated to stocking their shelves with good old South African fare like Mrs Ball’s Chutney, Ouma’s Rusks and Castle Lager.

America is a monstrously big country and hits from there were sure to happen, I suppose.  And I’ve had nearly a thousand to date.

My Russian audience has grown from a solid 3 new views per day, to about 9 per day now.  Wonder who they are?  Are they expats?  Can they even speak English?  Or is there simply a daily increase in Russians, who accidently click on my blog?  I’m assuming that they’re ladies, so are their names Natalya, Svetlana, Natasha, Tatiana, Ekaterina, Annastasia, Olysia, Elena and Oksana?   I wonder if they drink “Water – the alcoholic drink made with vodka and water”?  All I can say is Nostarovia, ladies!

The Middle East is also growing.  With a real stalwart of support being the United Arab Emirates.  “Hello Anthea, in Dubai!”.  I reckon it’s so hot there all the time, that people do quite a bit of surfing the net indoors, parking under their aircons.  I imagine that the old fashioned way of surfing is probably not an option, unless you don’t mind getting burnt to a crisp and incurring skin cancer in the process. 

As far as the Far East, is concerned, Thailand has come on board all of a sudden.  And I get the odd view from Hong Kong, China and South Korea.  And finally, at long last, I’ve got a hit from Japan.  Woohooo!!!  I can categorically state that I don’t know a single soul in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan or South Korea.  I know 3 people in China, and I’m 100% sure that they’re not reading it.  Two of those are guys, and I don’t think the blog is really a guy thing and the 3rd person is Chinese, so I guess that sorts that out, what with the language barrier and all.  Now Taiwan, ironically, that I can understand.  My best friend from school days, Maryke’s brother works and lives there and I think that Jaco is a firm fan, checking out the blog every so often.  So all I can say to that is “Hallo, Jaco!  Hoop dit gaan goed met jou!”.

Europe is coming along nicely as well, with France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany being the biggest ones.  Me-thinks the Netherlands is John Frick.  “Howzit, John! Hope you’re well!”.  And a big up to Greg, Kyle and Joshua Snyman in Kloten in Switzerland.  I don’t know a friggin soul in Belgium or Germany, so that one’s a mystery to me.  Have one very long shot contact in France, but it’s probably just strangers as well.

I’ve even had a few hits from Ireland.  And I have a mystical attachment to Ireland for reasons unknown, even to me.  I really do hope that someone’s Mammy is reading the blog and they’re sharing it with their Da as well.

Luke is holding thumbs that the views from Portugal are from Cristiano Ronaldo and that an opportunity to meet him in person is eminent.  Shame, the boy is going to cost me a fortune in therapy later on.  It appears that he lives a bit in Lala-land.  Can’t imagine where he gets that from?

Jamaica – it can clearly only be Usain Bolt.  It stands to reason.  Did I not quote his name in a blog called “The Omitted Olympic Events”?  I actually think he might be the type of guy that Googles his own name, just to see how many sites are dedicated to his unparalleled brilliance.  And to be honest, who can blame him.  The man is an athletic genius.

And as far as “down-under” goes, “Hello, Kathy!  Hope you and Stu are well”.  “Hello Sharon and Henk!  Hope you’re enjoying life on the farm”.  And “Hello Fiona, Mark and boys”. 

My views from Gibraltar are really surprising.  As mentioned before, I really suck at Geography.  I thought that the only thing in Gibraltar was a rock???

I would like to end off today’s post with yet another “ponder”, “reflection” as well as a little “ramble” thrown in as well.  In order to facilitate my education in the mysterious field of Geography, it would perhaps be pertinent that I visit all of these various countries.  And would it not be doubly productive if I got to meet my “fan base” at the same time?  Perhaps do a little bit of a meet and greet with my “blog viewers”?

However, chances are more than likely that “my people from overseas” are actually “my former South African people (named Jan, Piet, Anna and Sanna), now residing in other countries”, in which case, I really think that they should do the hospitable South African thing which we are so famous for and invite me over.  It’ll be a bit like having a taste from home, having a fellow South African visiting them.  How nice would that not be for me?  Not so sure how it would work out for them, but for me it would be bliss.  So how’s about it?


  1. Fun Helene! I am thrilled you finally have the blog about which we have been nagging you, up and running!
    I look forward to it every day!
    A very precious glimpse into you life and thoughts.

  2. Dit was baie snaaks, baie interesting! Fascinating stuff....Russia..GIBRALTAR..who would have guessed?!! Not surprising though. They propably heard that 'Helene's blog is the new black'! Suits everyone..never goes out of date, etc. Love it! xxxxxx

  3. Helene, I have old school friend who live in Russia and tells me there a quite a few ex pat's living there. So maybe that is where the connection is coming.