Thursday, 9 August 2012

Raindrops on roses

Raindrops on roses
9 August 2012

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

The smell of the sea when you turn onto the dirt road as you enter Kleinbaai.
Hugging my brother.
Talking to my sister over the phone.
Skyping my nieces.
Speaking to 5 year old Honey in England and hearing her say in her little Pommie accent “Mummay, can eye have an egg ina koep”.
Thinking about my Dad.
My three beautiful children.
Dreaming about going on a gondola in Venice – I know the water is dirty, but I just want to do it so badly.
KFC Zinger Wings – the smell and taste.
Drinking a beer shandy on a boiling hot day.
Lying on the couch, getting completely sucked into a series or a DVD.
Screaming for my kids along the sports field.
Reading Cole’s News Books from school.
The excitement on my kids faces just before they get their birthday presents.
The happiness on my kids faces just after they get their birthday presents.
Spending time with my mom.
The smell of freshly cut lawn.
My Grantie’s most delicious behind – glorious to look at in a pair of jeans.
Eating popcorn at the movies.
Hanging out with my Twisted Sista’s – my most amazing girlfriends.
Christmas time.
Puppy smell.
Blossoms on trees in Spring - it means summer is coming!
Catching some winter sun.
Monica – my domestic miracle worker.
Browsing and looking for treasures in antique shops.
Freshly squeezed orange juice with lots of pulp in it.
My Blackberry phone a.k.a. my umbilical cord.
Good music.
Swimming in summer.
The smell of rain.
My mom’s fudge – I will KILL for it.
Sitting in front of the fireplace at Kleinbaai.
The first short-sleeves-and-slops day after winter.
Smelling Boontjie Bredie on the stove.
A freshly brewed cup of good coffee.
Singing loudly.
Rocking horses.
Christmas decorations.
Taking photo’s of my kids.
Watching old home movies.
The Sound of Music.
Building a puzzle.
Being creative.
Reading a fabulous book and getting completely absorbed in it.
Unexpected gifts.
Long hot baths with a book and some snacks.
The smell of a braai.
The taste of a braai – let’s be honest, who does not like a chop?
Laughing till I cry with my sister.
Pushing the snooze button on the alarm and sleeping an extra few minutes.
Waking up, thinking it’s Monday and realising it’s only Sunday.
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.
Vineyards in autumn.
Homemade soup.
Glorious red tulips.
Big white daisies.
The road to Stellenbosch in autumn and winter – the colours are amazing and the air is so crisp and clear.
School holidays.
A good TV Series.
Sunrises and sunsets.
Feeling spoilt.
Being warm and dry inside when it’s cold and wet outside.
The smell of crayons – it instantly transports me back to being in Grade 1 – everything was exciting and new.
Spending time with my favourite people.
Laughing till my stomach hurts.
Spooning with my Grantie at night.
My dad’s paintings.
Eating a box of smarties, colour by colour.
Giving presents and special gifts.
Fruit – I simply love it all - actually oranges are my favourite, no grapes, no peaches, no apples, no strawberries, etc. etc. etc.
The sound of the sea and waves crashing.
Having visitors.
Being spontaneous.
Hugs and kisses.
Flying my freak flag – just being loud, silly and having fun.
Being thoughtful.
Having a snooze on my bed, in the middle of the day, with dappled sunlight streaming in through the window.
Picnics – aren’t they just the best?
Ice-creams at the beach.
Collecting sea glass at the beach.
Beautiful gardens – I can only admire them, but can’t have one myself – I kill plants (accidently, I swear).
Chatting with Grant – I still get to find out new things about him all the time.
Old familiar friends.
Learning something new and loving it.
Swimming in the sea – I do it very, very seldom (I have shark issues, thanx to Jaws), but whenever I do, I simply love it.
Lying on a hammock.
The smell of silkworms – it’s an odd one, I know, but I just love it.
Dancing – I seriously suck at it, but love it none the less.
Being joyful and happy.

These are a few of my favourite things.

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  1. Lovely Helene!
    This is a kind of gratitude list too - fantastic that so few of the things on your list require money - well apart from Venice!