Thursday, 15 May 2014

Maggie's 60th Birthday Party - Hidden Track

Maggie's 60th Birthday Party - Hidden Track
15 May 2014

In time honoured and true Rock ‘n Roll befitting tradition, I thought it was only fair that I added a little Hidden Track to my blogs about Maggie’s 60th Birthday Party.  Apart from the obvious A Side and B Side of course.  In a sort of nod and salute to some of the great musical giants so admired by Maggie (and me).  And the rest of the world too.

Though for many people, Maggie’s party was the actual evening music doo, for us lucky few, it really was a weekend.  A family reunion, even though we generally see one another extremely often and have a very busy and very active Lombard Family Group Chat.  Therefore it wasn’t just a few hours of fun.  It was two nights and three days of friggin awesome!

On the Sunday morning, after the party, we decided to quickly take a family photo of Maggie and her three kids outside in the garden.  As we hadn’t really taken a proper one of the four of us all together.  And one needs to commemorate these occasions.  But here’s the problem.  Some clever photographer (there were many, and I don’t want to name and shame, but the main guilty culprit photographer has a really big beard and his name rhymes with Bob), decreed that we should face the sun, so that we wouldn’t have shadows, bright light behind us, dark pic, etc.  Problem being, that the sun wasn’t so much bright as it was blinding.  We had five, I repeat FIVE people taking pics at the same time.  And every single one is dismal.  Horrendous.  A hideous and very funny joke.  Scrunched up faces.  Watering eyes.  Closed eyes.  Hands covering eyes, looking down, etc.  Truly terrible. 

But what was so extremely funny, was that once I saw my photo’s that my Grantie had taken on my phone, I started asking family members if they had better ones.  And being the kind people they are, the Lombard WhatsApp group was quickly pinging away, with everyone sending in there pics.  And though they are absolutely awful, there is a certain charm to them as well.  I will include these at the end of the blog.  (Btw - on the blog the pics look really small.  If you want to have a good look at them, for those that are interested, just click on one of the pics, and it will pretty much fill your screen and give you the option to scroll on to the next pic.)

However, first I thought, I’d share the speech I did at the party (Yip, definitely going to disinherit my brother and sister for once again nominating me to speak – at times, being the eldest really sucks!)

As the eldest child, apparently I am the chosen one – having been selected to make a speech on behalf of the three Loubser children, in honour of our amazing Mom.  The one and only Maggie-Lombard-Loubser-Frost-Nagel.

Few people have the honour and privilege of inspiring so many.  Of being a role model and example to all who have basked in her light.  Cause that is what Maggie is – she is a ray of light.  Touching and changing the lives of all who know her.  And making the world a better place, simply by being in it.

I propose that the word Maggie be included in the Oxford English Dictionary.  The Oxford Russian, The Oxford Chinese, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, etc.  In fact every single copy in every imaginable language.  As it is a word that means so much.  It means love, warmth, acceptance, enthusiasm, caring, kindness, dedication, perseverance, being ingenuous, loyal, innovative, mother, friend, helper, creative, thinker, joyful, gracious, encompassing, forgiving, passionate, nesting, home-maker, gardener, bright, generous, unique, quirky, giving.

Maggie is capable of whipping up the same level of enthusiasm for a wedding, as a chick flick movie fest.  A simple slab of Cadbury’s Whole Nut is appreciated as much as a designer five course meal. 

One of her greatest gifts, is her ability to make someone the sole focus of her attention.  Everyone is equal, valued and loved.  She truly listens – not only with her ears, but also with her heart.  She has time for everyone.  And therefore everyone has time for her.

As a mother, she was always different to the moms of my friends.  Funny ha-ha as well as funny peculiar.  A defining characteristic.  And the amount of funny-Maggie stories are legendary.   Like the time, she gave Grant, Luke and I an awesome little wicker basket filled with tiny little white eggies for Easter one year.  We were at Kirstenbosch watching the Blues Broers at the time, and we were munching away.  They were absolutely delicious.  As we were about to leave, I asked her where she got them from.  “Oh” she replied, “It’s those Smartie Easter Eggs”.  So I said, “Really!  They were so good.  I thought they only made multi-coloured ones.  Didn’t know they made plain white ones.”  To which Maggie calmly replied, “Oh, I licked all the colour off”.  Grant gagged for ages afterwards!
At any large scale Lombard gathering, the most often heard refrain is, “Ask Maggie”, or “Maggie knows”. Everyone turns to her for advice from what to wear, what to eat, when to eat, where to put things, where things are, to where to go.
She is unforgettable.  Is revered and loved by many.  Held up high. 

Mommy, I wish only happiness for you – today and always.  No one deserves it more. 

Your children and their people adore you – one and all.

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Albert really suffering - the rest of us trying valiantly

Now Katrine and I are suffering

The gals are trying really hard, but Al's given up

Maggie and I sort of holding it together - Albert looking really weird

Ironically the pic of our backs and bums is the best one

Still suffering!
Clever plan - we thought. All look down and then at the count of three we'd look up and smile, minimising sun exposure.

Epic fail - again!

Two scrunched faces, one closed eyes and another grimace

Hysterical laughter and losing it completely

Realising it's probably not going to work out after all - still laughing uncontrollably

Albert can't even open his eyes!

"He did it!" - it's all Albert's fault - the rest of us tried really hard!

Decided to make my Mom a Memory Box for her birthday. First I took a plain tin, which I covered from top to bottom with stamps.

Used Modge Podge glue goop which I got from the craft shop. Took about half an hour to make from top to bottom and it dried practically instantly. Way cool and I love the way it completely transforms the tin. Bummer was the fact that I used my Mom's stamps - very cheeky I know. Longest part of the project? Sorting the stamps out first and making sure I only used stamps that she had duplicates of.

Got beautiful Scrapbooking paper, and cut hearts out of it - 112 to be exact.

Wrote a personal and special memory message on each and every heart. Some of them unique memories that just my mom and I have or stuff from my childhood. Things like, "I remember watering the garden with you when I was little", "Lying with you, Al and Kat on Daddy's arms in bed", "Making Flap Jacks on the glass stove tops", "You being at Cole's birth", "I love the way you know my kids", "Having Cheese Meltz for lunch on Saturday afternoons", "Playing piano duets together", etc, etc. etc. Writing down the memories and recording them for my mom was really special and I absolutely loved doing it.

Put all of the hearts into the tin

And filled up the empty spaces with Kit-Kat fingers - her favourite chocolates


  1. Thank you for the fantastic blog you have written - you are indeed our family scribe and archeologist!
    Your speech was beautiful...thank you for always taking the job.
    I love my memory fortunate are we to have such a rich history from which we can draw.
    Thank you my very special gal.

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