Friday, 23 May 2014

Happy 500th!!!

Happy 500th!!!
23 May 2014

Holy Smokes!!!  No ways! 

I must confess – I don’t believe it.  500 Blog posts!  For real!  Didn’t know that I had so many words.  Nor ideas.  Though, I must confess that I do use certain words over and over again. 

This whole blogging thing has been a really interesting journey.  Truly a long, winding and very interesting road.

It’s made me so much more aware of the world, myself, and my position in it.  It’s made me realise the impact that I can have on the lives of my kids.  And those around me.  The very real responsibility I have in raising kids with a conscious and lots of heart.

But probably one of the very biggest gift it’s given me, is contemplation.  Really thinking about stuff.  Looking at life semi-objectively and trying to figure it out.

Because before my blog, I merely existed.  Going from one day to the next.  Trudging.  Not really stopping or appreciating.  Oh, I did to a degree.  And lots.  But I don’t think I properly vocalised it.  Or gave appreciation for it.  I took it as my due.  Lapped it up.  And then moved on – to the next day.  Occasionally taking some of today’s lessons and good experiences with me.  But sometimes, not.  They’d just disappear into the mists of time.  To be forgotten about.

And now, I commemorate.  I rejoice.  I remember.  I analyse.  I value.  I give thanks.  I stop and smell the roses.  Or the rain.  I take note.  I notice.  I’m aware.

But perhaps most importantly of all, I’m immortalising my children’s childhood.  One blog story at a time. 

Because to this I can attest – I will forget.  I won’t remember.  I’ll forget the funny little sayings.  The things they loved to do.  The clothes they loved to wear.  The good times we had together.  The not-so-good times we had to endure.  The special little memories, that make up the fabric of a family. 

My mom likes to say, that like my gran, I’m an archivist.  And maybe she’s right. 

I enjoy the process of reliving a memory and repainting it with words.  Capturing every essence, and trying my best to ensure that I get every tiny detail, exactly just so.  So that it won’t just sink away and be forgotten.  So that that memory can be taken out in the future, and looked back at.  Remembered with fondness.  Maybe even accuracy.  Cause without that, it most likely will fade. 

I’d like my kids to be able to look back one day, and hopefully these stories will help them to remember too.  Perhaps it will give them a deeper understanding of me, their mom.  And though not all stories are about them, they are about a time in their life.  Things that happened at the same chronological time.

And hopefully they’ll see that I raised them with love, honesty and a whole lot of humour.

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  1. What a remarkable woman you are!
    Your blog is exceptional- in which you voice yourself so very eloquently!
    Congratulations, on your insights, wisdom, perseverance, sense of humour, humility, compassion!
    You keep the memories alive for ALL of us!