Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I have THAT kid

I have THAT kid
27 May 2014

Some of my fondest school memories, was of having THAT kid in my class.

You know the one.  We all had them.  Every single class has one of those.

They’re the one that makes everyone laugh. 

They’re slightly goofy.  Way too witty for their own good.  Occasionally they border on being cheeky.  They have very quick comebacks for anything said to them.  Whether it was said by an adult or a fellow child.  They’re challenging to their teachers.  A distraction to many (albeit a funny one).  Even to themselves.  They’ve got too much energy.  Find it a battle to sit still.  Often daydream in a rare quiet moment.  They’re often in trouble.  Are forever being admonished for something.  Have to be reminded about what they’re supposed to be doing.

But the bottom line is this – they’re highly entertaining.  Excessively charming.  Impervious to their flaws.  And completely and utterly lovable. 

Once you get past the almost-constant need to strangle them into submission that is.

Usually they’re very popular with their peers.  Both boys and girls. 

And teachers tend to have a love-hate relationship with them.  And depending on the teacher, it could very easily lean more towards the “hate” side. 

I mean, just imagine.  There you’re standing.  Doing your utmost to explain something to a bunch of kids.  And there’s that one kid, that turns everything into a joke.  That starts to laugh, which in turn triggers laughter from others.  They love innuendo and word play, and build it into their humour.  Any opportunity or slip of tongue is grasped.  And manipulated for mirth.

And it would appear as though I am the mother of one such child.  I feel the teacher’s pain.

I’ve done this walk.  Your kids do something naughty, you line them up for a major pep talk, and accidently, you bump your arm.  And just like that, the moment’s gone.  You’ve lost your momentum.  Cause THAT kid starts laughing.  Uncontrollably.  And no amount of parental anger or frustration could stop that tide.  Moreover it has a ripple effect.  All of them WILL start laughing too.

We have been extremely blessed.  Through two years of playschool, two years or pre-school and into Cole’s 4th year of Primary School.  Every single year, he’s had a teacher who not only enjoyed him, but they understood and loved him.  Arguably this is part of his charm.  But still.  It takes a special kind of teacher.

And this year, it’s the turn of Mrs Fick.  The fabulous Emmi, who also had the pleasure of teaching my Luke.  Cole’s polar opposite.  A quiet child at that age.  He was diligent, obedient, always did his work, never rocked the boat, and simply got on with it.  Two more different brothers it would be very hard to find.
Because "quiet" is not a word I would use to describe Cole.  Out-of-the-box-thinker is more like it.  Busy.  Perpetually moving.  Unusual.  Not afraid to voice his own opinion and be different.

On Friday I asked Cole, “Who’s the funny kid in your class?”.  To which he named himself and one other kid.  “Who makes everyone laugh?”, to which I got the same answer.  “Who does Mrs Fick always have to tell to keep quiet and do their work?”.  Same answer yet again.  And then I thought I’d shake things up a bit, “Who’s the good child in class?” To which I got, “Not me!”.

So delightfully and disarmingly honest.

I had cause to quickly pop in at Cole’s class yesterday afternoon.  And whenever Cole’s teacher sees me, the two of us share a look of perfect understanding and we both have a giggle.  We’re on the same team. 

I told her about my discussion with Cole, and she confirmed everything.  Just as he told me.  Extremely accurate. 

And hardly surprisingly, she said that he makes her laugh every single day.  That he is just so funny and so quirky, different, with the funniest little sayings and things he comes up with.  But that she absolutely adores him.  That he tries really hard and does his best.  But that he is most definitely challenging, entertaining, and endearing.  And yip you guessed it, charming.

Thanx Mrs Fick.  Proud to know that this year, in Grade 4E4, I’m the mom of THAT kid.  And that you get him.  And enjoy him too.

It takes a brave person to try and teach THAT kid.  And you’re succeeding.  

Hoping that Grade 5 finds him equally blessed. 

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  1. He is the sweetest thing Helene!
    I would have loved him in my class.

    As a teacher, it is definitely the children like Cole that one remembers long after you have forgotten all the meek, quiet and not so interesting goody-goodies!

  2. About these pics of your child in cyber space FOREVER........... mind you - Cole probably thinks they just as funny and entertaining and typical of him as we do - because he is THAT special child! You so lucky he chose you to be his Mom! The one and only Cole!