Saturday, 17 May 2014

Awkwardly liking own status on Facebook - cringe!



Awkwardly liking own status on Facebook - cringe!
17 May 2014

That terribly awkward moment, when you realise you've accidently "liked" your own status, comment or uploaded pic.

It sounds a bit like a college course:  How to feel like a prime twit 101?  Module 1 - Like your own status.  Module 2 - Like your own photo.  Module 3 - Like your own comment.  Jeez, it’s stupid!  Moreover it’s ridiculously embarrassing. 

It’s like you’re giving yourself a ringing endorsement saying, “She’s all right!  Check how clever/beautiful/awesome that is!”.

I know this – I’ve done it more than once.  On Facebook and on Instagram.  Luckily it’s an easy fix to rectify.  But here’s the problem – you have to notice it first!  And therein lies the tricky bit.  Cause so often one only realises it way later.  To be fair, I’ve never done it on purpose.  I promise.  It’s more of a twitching finger being way too eager and trigger happy.

But it can come across as a bit boastful and full of yourself.  Attention seeking too.

Now this is a problem, we never had in “the old days”.  The days before social media became so important to us.

We live in a digital world, where we’re growing friends, we never actually talk to.  People we don’t always know.  Sharing only the very best bits of our life, but not so much the real bits. 

I’m guessing that if we’d been told about this strange behaviour ten years ago or even further back, we would have laughed.  Shook our heads in disbelief.  Claiming, “NEVER!”.  And “NOT ME!”.

But then again, my blogging in a sense is no different I suppose. 

Yet social media is such fun!  So interesting and super entertaining.  Having the ability to keep one glued to a little screen for hours on end.  Scrolling and glancing. 

Many of us indulge.  And very happily too. 

I am a bit of a social media junkie.  Probably sounds so empty and hollow.  But it’s not.  Because I have a very active real social life.  With real life friends as well.  People I interact with on Facebook and Instagram as well as in the real world.  People I smile at when I see, greet them, stop and have a little chat.  And I am able to make the distinction.  To understand the difference.  To ensure that I don’t fall in the pitfalls out there, mistaking virtual friends for real ones.  Yes, some of them are, or could be.  But not all of them.

The social media world has many, many benefits.  And that I am grateful for.  It’s expanded my friendship circle.  Encouraged friendships I might have let slip through my fingers previously.  Shown me different places.  Different faces.  New worlds, hardly imagined.

It’s broadened my horizons.  Made me more aware of others around me.  Shown me how to count my words as they can be potentially very damaging. 

Though on the whole, it’s been wonderful.  Unless I’ve accidently liked myself.  In which case, it’s downright bloody awful!

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