Friday, 9 May 2014

I have favourite words

I have favourite words
9 May 2014

Words can just be so beautiful.  So evocative.  Bring forth such emotion.  Incredible mental pictures.  They can impart feelings.  Give scope and colour.  Be descriptive.  Be laden and heavy with meaning.

However, a large part of any language is not just in the spoken or written words.  Cause without people they can be one dimensional and terribly flat.  Language is a perfect coupling between words, gestures, body language, intonation, facial expression and sincerity.  If the marriage between all of those components is done just right, the end result can be a beautiful, magnificent thing. Perfect understanding.

Why given the right expression and vocal intonation, even an insult can sound beautiful.  Encouraging and complimentary.

But here’s a strange thing – I love language.  Because without language, either verbally or physically, we cannot communicate.  Wel, perhaps it’s not so strange after all.  It makes perfect sense, right.  The odd thing is actually this - I absolutely love certain words.  Words that just fall beautifully off the tongue.  That have a rhythm of their own.  A perfect melding of consonants and vowels, that just make them seem so utterly right.

The fact that I don’t fully know exactly when to use these words in everyday sentences, or precisely what their correct meaning is, just adds to their mystical and magical properties.  For most of them, I do kinda know – but there are more than likely loopholes in my understanding.  And hence, I nurture these words close.  And say them in my head.  Lest I make a complete and utter fool of myself and use them inappropriately.

When I started my blog, a long time ago, I found that I was running into all of my favourite words.  Not that I used them, but I thought of them.  And so an idea was born, about trying to challenge myself and use them in a blog.  And so, a list was born – what fun.

And then, the unkind computer and cell phone gods, messed with my computer and my list (which I had foolishly stored on my PC and phone).  They both crashed at the same glorious time – list gone for good.  In fact, I was computer-less for nearly three weeks.

I have never quite managed to compile another list again.  Though I keep on thinking I should. 

My favourite words still crop up, all the time.  And so I thought I’d share just a few.

  • Archipelago
  • Incumbent
  • Hierarchy
  • Trifecta
  • Scenario
  • Cartography
  • Emissary
Which has led to a rather startling conclusion.  I’ve clearly missed my calling.  Given the words I love, I should either have been a politician or a geologist of some sorts.

And as for another matter - looking back at the very small list that I have compiled, one thing is blatantly clear – I obviously have a whole multi syllable word love affair.  Gotta be at least three or more.  More is definitely better.

It usually is.  Bering Strait divisive tri-party coalition.

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