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Trashy Russian Wedding Pics

Trashy Russian Wedding Pics
20 April 2014

Man, I am probably the biggest fan of weddings you’re ever likely to meet.

I simply love everything about weddings.  From the beautiful bride and groom, the décor, fabulous venues, dolled-up-guests, delicious food, moving service, to emotional speeches.  I just love the whole shabang.

And probably best bit of all?  No two weddings are the same.  Every single one, has beauty and magnificence.  Something really special.  From big weddings to small and intimate.  From casual to smart.  From breakfast weddings to dancing night time ones.  From expensive shindigs, to more budget wise alternatives.  They’re all spectacular! 

I’ve been to many, many weddings.  And I’ve been a bridesmaid or flower girl probably about ten times.  Each wedding I’ve ever been to, has a special little place in my heart.

Though I have also seen the odd clanger at weddings, that have on occasion made me laugh.  The odd dodgy speech, or drunk elderly uncle or random wedding guest, and then there’s the frequent bizarre outfit too.

I firmly believe that all brides have a glow about them.  A bit of magic that shines through on their wedding day.

Movies about weddings are fabulous – yes, I’m a chick.  Therefore I love girly romantic wedding movies.  How surprising.  Not!

And then following my blog post about the 29 Most Awkward Family Photos, a Facebook friend sent me a link to the most dreadful Russian Wedding Pics ever.

And I am happy to report that I was not disappointed.  At times, I laughed out loud.  At other times I gasped.

How was this possible?  What were they thinking?  Were they even thinking?  And why didn’t anyone caution them?

Looking at some of these “gems”, I wonder how many of these people are going to look back at their wedding photos one day and go, “Good Lord!  Why did we do that?”.

But given the wonderfully happy faces on these pics, I reckon most likely none of them will.

In years to come, they’ll haul out their wedding album and say,

“Svetlana, my love.  We did good.  I like photo of me lifting car, wearing light suit.”

Or maybe, “Sergei, you look like strong man.  I like photograph of us on bird on water, like Swan Lake.”

And let's not forget, "Yuri, I like picture of you and me (Olga), dressed like centaurs. Pity we can't see more of your light coloured suit."

Yip, they’ll probably still love their “stylish”, and unique wedding pics.

Russians like to roll like that.  I think.

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Not really a classy or classic wedding pic per se. But each to their own, I say.

By the looks of things, her man will do whatever she says. She clearly has weight advantage over him. Perhaps more disturbing than his impalement-with-French-roll, is the R14,99 Crazy Store Crowns. And rather interestingly, they're both wearing crowns - she's not doing the dainty and delicate tiara bit at all. Good luck Boris!

Right! Lovely little shot to add to the wedding album. Just imagine granny scrolling through it and coming across this little gem. Sweet!

Now I could be wrong here, but it looks as if "she's" shifting her package a bit to the left. There is a small possibility that Anatalya is in fact Anatoly.

Russians are known for their fondness of ballet. And I suppose this lovely couple is no different. Therefore, for their wedding pic, they decided to depict, "Swan Lake".

Ring finger - middle finger. Po-tay-toe/Po-tah-toe.

Eish! Interesting. Hen pecked much?

Wallowing in the mud, in your wedding dress. Sporting a diminutive crown, and a fake golden arrow. Nice one!

All I can say is WHY???

Now, now - couldn't we perhaps have waited until after the reception? And the photographer had left?

Ain't she a princess

Beautiful! I'm thinking she possibly works in a club catering to gentlemen folk. Mostly likely dancing with poles.

For the love of all that is holy!!! What is the meaning of this???

Creepy. Just plain creepy! His expression and super feminine diamond studded rings are really odd too.

Whatever blows your hair back...

Doing the locomotive. Can anyone possibly explain why the bride has an extra pair of legs???

Aaahhh! A classic shot of the bridal party running away from the chapel, an explosion, and the transformers. Well why wouldn't they?

Oh, but to have a set of wheels like that!

Is this not perhaps a crime scene? Are those bodies or are they still breathing?

Yet another bridal-party-running-away pic. This time, they're running away from Gulliver... I mean Grigor.

What's with all these super skinny grooms wearing light suits? In addition, is there some or other weird auto-erotic thing going on? Lots of posing with cars.

This just plain looks wrong - what's in that cup? The fountain of youth?

The small best man and bigger bridesmaid were obviously both awarded the honour of being class captains of school, during the week of the wedding. Look at their beautiful red sashes of power.

Aaahhh yes! The accordion - how lovely... Now there's an instrument that simply shouts, "hip and trendy"!

The bride sporting an interesting and rather "sexy" look while posing for the camera - over finger foods

Wow! That's a whole lotta bling! Love the way simply everyone is dressed smartly in black suits, and Vladmir on the right is simply wearing his jeans and black leather jacket. Though it is entirely possible that he was just an innocent bystander walking past, and they needed another set of hands to hold some more bling.

This is happy - never seen a more glowing bride...

This is my favourite pic. Sincerely. They just look so happy. Guessing their marriage will be filled with lots of laughter and love. Bless!

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  1. What!! I am truly intrigued by these MOST odd pics!!
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