Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Be kind to my kids and you've got a friend for life


Be kind to my kids and you've got a friend for life
16 April 2014

Few things mean more to me, than kindness from others, bestowed on my kids.  It warms my heart and fills my soul.  With gratitude and appreciation and a whole lot of pride.

Kindness does not have to be a gift.  It can be a perfectly timed conversation of upliftment.  An interest shown in their interests.  Really listening to them when they talk and hearing what they’re saying.  An encouraging comment.  An aptly timed word of praise.  Or acknowledgement of their worth.  Even just a big fat squeezy hug from the heart.

The impact of such an act, can be far reaching.  Having a huge ripple effect.

Cause you know us parents – what do we know?  We praise them in any rate.  We show them daily kindnesses, like feeding them….. 

Very little of what we say, really penetrates.  Oh, well, I suppose it does on a deeper level.  But on the surface?  Well, on the surface, our kindness is seen by them as a given.  Usually, if we’re lucky, they eventually get to appreciate us.  When they’re past the horrendous age of entitlement – their teens.  Also a bit of separation from home, like going off to varsity, might do a lot to expedite their appreciation too.

I have got a few very special friends, that have very special bonds with my kids.  Different friends for different kids.  A unique meeting of the minds, kindred-spirits-kind-of-thing.  It can also be a family member though.  Someone who just treats them in a special way.

I’ve always been aware of this.  Of the unique way personalities can mesh, irrespective of age. 

In the same manner, there are some kids, that are not my own, with whom I have a very deep and meaningful bond too.  This is a privilege in the life of an adult.  To play a role in the life of a child.  To show a special interest in their wellbeing.  To always look out for them.  A natural gravitation towards one another.  A likeness of the soul and the heart.

It is a treasure – because you don’t have the full responsibility of rearing that child.  Of having to nag or reprimand.  You can simply enjoy them for who they are.

And congratulate their parents on how wonderful they are.  How magnificent and glorious.

To those of you, who care so deeply for my kids, and show them love, appreciation, pride, feelings of self-worth, encouragement, acknowledgment, caring and kindness, I thank you.  You know who you are.  And I am so thankful for your presence.

And as for me?  Well, I’d like to send a special shout-out to a very special kid I know.  One of the many, that lives deeply in my heart.

Happy 16th birthday Cassia Benjy.  I love you lots!  You’re a really good egg. 

Btw – we all know you’re actually my child.  I’ve told your mother this many a time.  You can come and live with me any time.  I’ll give you Luke’s room.


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  1. Cassia is lucky!
    I do know what you mean.
    Special people that cross our paths - from when we are children into adulthood and beyond, that leave a lasting feeling of care with us.