Wednesday, 2 April 2014

25 Signs made funnier by people


25 Signs made funnier by people
2 April 2014

I'm an absolute sucker for a sense of humour.  And for a good bout of belly laughter.  In fact, few things give me greater joy than laughing from my stomach.  Actually feeling the need to clutch my stomach and give my biggest, loudest bark of laughter. 

From guffaws and giggles to har-de-har-hars.  From snorting and sniggering to chortling with glee.  From cackling and crowing to tittering teehee's.  From roaring and chuckling to shrieks of he-he-he!

Yes, laughing in my eyes, is indeed the bomb.  And sometimes, plain silly laughter is the very best kind of laughter of them all.

Just the other day, I came across a bunch of photo's that did just that to me.  It caught me completely unawares, and I do believe, I barked.

Which in itself was quite silly of me.  Because the collection of photos did promise, "25 signs made funnier by people".  But I've been fooled before.  Been led to believe that something is extremely funny.  Only to be disappointed because sadly it didn't deliver on that promise.

But with this?  Oh, it delivered.

Most likely the magic lies in the fact that the signs that were used, were so blessedly innocent to start off with.  So regular and arbitrary.  We've all seen them a million times before.  Maybe even two million times.  Possibly even more.

Still, a few very simply, very easy changes, changed them completely.

And much for the better I say.

People are inventive.  Creative.  Clever.  Opportunistic.  Sneaky.

And wickedly funny.

People dedicated to bringing a smile to our lips should be lauded.  Commended. 

And laughed at.

Which I'm assuming is the intention.

To be fair, they have succeeded.

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Gotta love the jazz hands

This one is very Soprano's

Sooo funny!


  1. I had a good laugh tonight! Thanks!

  2. You are a great laugher!!
    Fantastic when you and Katrine are together!
    Gooi Albert in for good measure!