Saturday, 5 April 2014

Babies wear nappies for two reasons


Babies wear nappies for two reasons
5 April 2014

Number One.  And Number Two.


This is extremely true. 

And though it is fun, in summer time, to let them loose in the buff, there certainly is a lot of merit to covering their bums.  At least for most of the time.

If for no other reason, apart from the obvious – to save money.

And given the fact that I have three kids, I’ve certainly done my bit for landfill.

As the mother of babies, nothing made me feel richer, than cupboards filled with full packs of nappies – just ready to be used.  Running out, is a super scary thought.

My brother, in desperation, once braved a Joburg National Road on a scooter, to make a midnight dash for nappies.  Not very manly, for sure.  The big bad rock star (a.k.a. “The Dark Prince of South African Blues” according to Rolling Stones magazine), on a feminine scooter – pack of nappies strapped to the back.  I’d have given good money to see that one.  Actually, I probably would’ve taken photos and shared…

I used to take my youngest, Cole, to Moms and Tots.  A mother and child stimulation class that was heap loads of fun.  It gave Cole the opportunity to indulge in some friend time, with other little kids of similar ages.  All whilst having the comfort of having Mommy close by.  Both of us absolutely loved it!  And one morning, upon leaving the class, there was quite a heavy downpour.  And two year old Cole, insisted that he needed a hat for the dash to the car.  I explained and explained until I was blue in my face, that I didn’t have a little hat in his bag, nor mine.  That we wouldn’t get that wet.  That we could just quickly run to the car.  That he wouldn’t melt.  That rain was fun. 

Don’t know why I even bothered.  He was not to be swayed.

Eventually, in desperation, I grabbed a disposable from his bag, opened it up, and put it on his head.

Tears immediately stopped.  He was charmed.  Mission accomplished.  He had a hat.

In fact, he delighted in his new head attire.  Beaming from ear to ear. 

Took me quite a while to coax it off his head again. 

Got many a weird look for that one.

Babies wear nappies for two reasons?

Well, maybe three.

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Actually, all things considered - not a bad hat mind you. Got the whole legionnaire look down pat. Would be super effective for covering the sensitive neck area from sunburn.


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  1. Helene, you are funny!
    Flip, but he looks cutey!!