Sunday, 6 October 2013

Vegetarians - they really LOVE meat!

Vegetarians - they really LOVE meat!
6 October 2013

I think I’ve finally figured it out.  Vegetarians REALLY love meat.  In fact, they love it so much, they refrain from eating it.

But why?  Well, I’m surmising that for a lot of them, it is due to empathy and caring for animals.  It is therefore an ethical consideration, that makes them withhold from eating meat.  That they can’t bear the thought of a living, breathing creature with a heartbeat, being killed and sacrificed for food.  That instead, they make a conscious decision, to eat fruits, veggies and derivatives thereof.  And cut all meats out of their diet completely.

Perhaps for some, it is more of a health issue.  Maybe they feel that our bodies, were not meant to process and digest meat.  That it slows us down and does more harm than good.  That all the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients can be derived from a vegetarian diet.  That meat is perhaps surplus to dietary requirements.

And I must be honest, a part of me agrees with both schools of thought.  I think a diet rich in meat does make one sluggish.  That one can most certainly eat, and very well at that, from all of the needed food groups, without resorting to meat.  And I don’t like the thought of animals dying for my benefit. 

Most especially if I’ve known the animal in question.  I remember my folks having live chickens when I was little.  And being ever so suspicious whenever we ate chicken for supper.  I think I would have felt the same, if I had grown up on a farm and we had sheep, cows or pigs.  But perhaps, farm kids grow up like that and accept it all as a part of life.

But the problem is this, I just so happen to like meat a lot.  In a different way to vegetarians.  I like the flavour and the taste.  Bacon is good.  No wait, scratch that – it’s great.  And I can wax lyrical over many other glorious meats too.  Which I’m assuming, would make me excluded from the Vegetarian Club.

Still, I support their choices.  Whether those choices make them a Vegan, a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, a Lacto Vegetarian or a Pescatarian.

I don’t do the eating out thing lots.  Nor the take-aways thing all that much either.  But I would imagine that it must be rather challenging to do either of those, if you’re a vegetarian.  Your choices are rather limited and I think that quite often you have to resort to a pasta dish of sorts.  Or a rice something or other.  Maybe soya.  I think carbs are pushed to fill you up.  And most likely you pay through your teeth for it too.

Personally I’ve felt rather daunted on the odd occasion that I’ve had to cater to a vegetarian.  How to zhoosh up a veggie alternative when the rest of your guests are having a steak on the braai?  How special can one make a veggie as a substitute for a lamb roast?  How to survive without using bacon for certain dishes, as it just adds so much flavour.

A big thumbs up to all the vegetarians out there.  For the choices you’ve made.  For the commitment you’ve got.  You make our world a better planet.

And I thank you for it.

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  1. Mmmm, bacon is good!!

    Rob had the best steak of his life at De Kreeft Stamkaffee in Tulbagh yesterday - Chris and Tania Kreef's restaurant at Saronsberg. And you know Daya's standards are very high and German.
    Because of my condition re stitches in my mouth, I had slap slapchips and a banana smoothy.

    And I realised I would not easily become a vegetarian.