Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Generally speaking, I actually hate to generalise

Generally speaking, I actually hate to generalise
30 October 2013

Blegh!  Generalising – such a nasty habit.  And one I take caution in not indulging in. 

I dislike the way some people or things are grouped together, randomly, because they have one or two common factors.  As if that makes one an expert on everyone or everything that has those same two common factors.  Such a ridiculous sentiment, isn’t it?

And I suppose that generalising, comes under the same heading as sweeping statements.  Equally awful.

Furthermore, generalising, is such a safe habit.  It allows the opportunity to make a statement, and in the event that you are wrong, it’s actually all above board and quite legit, because you did say generally speaking.  It leaves a margin for error.  As you don’t state unequivocally that something is a certain way.  You allow for exceptions and deviations off your rule.  You’re basically playing it safe.

Yet how can one not generalise?  We pick up little bits in our life experiences, and we draw conclusions from that.  We deduct and we deduce.  We come to understandings.  And we see something as being a certain way.

And despite my high and idealistic ideals, I do the same.  But perhaps this is human nature.  We seek to find order.  To make sense of our world.  To have a better grasp on how things work.  Why they work.  Why they are.

Boys are a certain way.  Men too.  You know all about middle children.  As if all men, who happened to be boys (one should hope so) and were middle children are exactly the same.  The way people say that women are bad drivers.  Or people with hats drive slowly.  Certain ethnic groups have spatial awareness problems.  Gay men are all raving queens.  Girls like pink.  And so the list goes on and on.  Such complete and utter rubbish.

But I know, that I myself, fall into some of these random conclusion traps. 

And so perhaps, one should rather embrace this odd habit of ours?  Maybe it shows that you have thought processes to start off with.  That you have a brain swirling around in your noggin.  Always a winning starting point. 

This habit allows us to safely traverse through life.  To get by.  To not act like an idiot for all of the time.

Thus, generally speaking?  Well I hate to generalise, but in general I find it rather useful. 

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