Sunday, 28 September 2014

There's a dollar in my g-string

There's a dollar in my g-string
28 September 2014

Bet that gave you pause for thought.  As captions go, it’s a good one.

Ambiguous.  Enough to intrigue and make one inquisitive.

Words are magical like that.  They can have numerous meanings.  And depending on the exact setting, the interpretation thereof can be pretty entertaining.

Interpretation is also largely affected by the sex and age of the person doing the interpreting.  If you know what I mean.

For thirteen year old boys, even an innocuous word like, “shoe” could have a suggestive meaning.  And they could most likely just as easily turn something arb, like “telephone” into something dirty.  Heaven help you when it comes to slightly more dodgy terms.  Like those reserved for computers. Where it’s all “memory stick” this, “hard drive” that, “mouse pad” here, and “import” there. 

But then again, thirteen year old boys are not really known for their restraint.  Or their common sense.  And don’t even get me started on appropriate and inappropriate.  They don’t understand the difference.  And have no comprehension of decorum.  Nor are they able to accurately gage the possible reception they’d receive from their audience.

However, back to g-strings…

There are medieval torture devices, that are more humane.  Less uncomfortable.  More palatable.  Less painful.  Easier to fathom. 

Yes, I’m not really a fan. 

What tipped you off?

And thus as far as g-strings go, this is the only one I’d like.

Though it would be better if it was someone else’s.

Cello, that is.

G-strings - Don’t wear them.  Nor do I play the cello.

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