Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I'm Lombard-less

I'm Lombard-less
2 September 2014

I had the oddest sensation this past weekend.  As if I was set adrift across a vast ocean.

I was completely and utterly Lombard-less.  Please note that this is not to be confused with being leg-less (leg-less involves large scale consumption of alcohol).  Though I do believe that occasionally the two can collide and mesh.  Forming a marvellous whole.

Anyway, back to being Lombard-less.  This is a foreign experience.  Anew to me.

And I can kind of equate being Lombard-less with being rudderless.  Cast away.  Aimlessly floating.  No clear destination in sight.

Cause here’s the thing – the entire Lombard clan (barring a handful of us), went away together.  To an in-house, family-organised music festival.

The bloody bastards!!!  I have decided to scrap them all from my Christmas card list (This is not the time for modesty – my Xmas cards are pretty spectacular.).  But a lucky few will be excluded from the Christmas card freeze - Adam in Bangkok.  Maria, Gareth and Nicole in Joburg.  As well as my geriatric grandparents.  They are forgiven.  But as for the rest?  Hah!  They’re toast!

My uncle Dan, and my mom, Maggie, are the master minds behind an annual music festival held just outside George, at a marvellous venue called Far Hills.  Guests are per invitation only.  Bands are hand selected (dipping largely into the family music base).  And the entire atmosphere is apparently magical.  Special.  Unique.  Phenomenal.  Incredible!  Or so they say…

You know how you get little Garagista boutique wineries?  Well, this is kind of the same thing.  A home-grown, boutique style music festival.  Without the fancy schmancy.  No corporate sponsors.  No bright lights and big wow-wow.  Just real music.  Played really well.  By really good musicians.

What’s not to love?

A lot I tell you!!!  Because I bloody well wasn’t there.

Everyone had a ball.  Thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  It was chilled.  Relaxed.  Entertaining.  Sublime. 

That old evil, “work”, raised its ugly head and prevented me and my family from going.  Alas, such is life.  One can’t do everything all of the time.  And I often think of my sister who missed many family events while they were living in the UK.

In total they had about 250 peeps at the weekend long gig.  Most festive by all accounts.

I was very touched by everyone expressing their disappointment that we wouldn’t be there.  And I got the occasional, “We’re missing” you message during the weekend.  Their photos made me smile and really happy for them (still not bumping them back on my Xmas card list).

And though I had wanted to be there very badly, I told them all, I’d do the next best thing in their honour.  To show solidarity for their great event, as a measure of my support, and my missed opportunity.

I’d sulk the whole weekend.  In commiseration with myself.

Alas, it didn’t work.  I don’t do sulking. 

Even though I don’t see my family all the time, many of them live really close.  And all of them are just a phone call away.  Knowing they were all together, congregated in one place, having an absolute blast, was bittersweet. 

And I’ve realised - us not being there, was not really their fault (well, it would be rather sad if they didn’t get a card this year).  It was all me.

Next year.  I promise.  Next year.  Oupa and Ouma will just have to be all Lombard-less on their own.

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The Lombard siblings are fondly knows as The Big Five. A sighting of them grouped together is very special indeed. Every single time they're all together, we do photos. From left to right, Willem, Bettie, Dan, Maggie and Jac. Love them all!

Albert giving it stick

At a glance, I spot 8 Lombards in this pic. But there could be more.

Yet another Lombard-filled pic. In fact, I swear I spot my grandfather at the back. And I know he wasn't even there!


  1. What a wonderful weekend!! So good for the soul. And we did miss you all - A LOT!! Missed Oupa and Ouma too - and I would not be in the LEAST surprised to see them there next year! Hoping to get the whole Bertolani contingency next year - no looming exams at last! And Helene, I understand how you feel - being financial refugees in Johannesburg means we miss WAY too many family get togethers in the fair Cape - breaks my heart. BUT been attending more and more of late!

  2. It was a fantastic weekend and we missed you a LOT!! Hope to have even more Lombards together at the next rally! Was wonderful for the Auld to be there in full force for a change.