Monday, 22 September 2014

My children have insatiable in-holes

My children have insatiable in-holes
22 September 2014

I find it a little bit odd.  But my children seem to be obsessed with their in-holes.  To be truthful, it’s really rather boring.

In addition, I think there might be a leak.  A possible connection.  Cause their out-holes are pretty busy too.

Could the two be related?

They seem to spend an inordinate amount of time concerned with food, and feeding themselves.  It is a huge big focus in their lives.

I quite simply don’t understand, why I can’t feed them daily.  Once only.  Without all of this three-times-a-day-excluding-snacks nonsense.  Once a week would even be better!

Because due to their obsession, it has become my problem.  To cater to their culinary needs.

I find this particularly annoying over weekends.  When I tend to indulge them a little bit, with a nice leisurely breakfast, at least once.  Perhaps flap jacks, or pancakes.  Maybe even waffles.

These breakfasts, tend to run rather late.  And I always feel as though I’ve no sooner finished with the breakfast "fun", and tidying up thereafter, before one of the hairy horrors asks what we’re doing for lunch???


Personally I think they should take to foraging.  Maybe at the neighbours?  Grazing at leisure. 

And as for their out-holes.  Sometimes, I fear they might be upside down.

To the best of my knowledge, the out-holes should be reserved for excretion.  Of rubbish.

But at times they can sprout the biggest loud of drivel verbally.  Out of their in-holes.  Droning on and on. 

Perhaps in an attempt to quieten their in-holes from talking utter rubbish, I should rather focus on feeding them instead.

Despite the fact that it is a thankless never ending task.  Costing time and money. 

And when did they get so fussy?  More-over, is it possibly my fault?

This one likes a thin spread of butter on school sarmies, that one likes it thick.  This one prefers it toasted, but it must please cool down, before I sandwhich wrap it so it doesn’t sweat. 

They all love my spaghetti bolognaise.  But two of them want to know if can they please skip the bolognaise and only have the plain pasta instead???

Mushrooms, vs no-mushrooms.  No onions please.  For some.  Loads of pepper for one, but nothing for the others.  Egg on toast a winner for two of the three.  But one quite simply can’t even look at it.  And so it goes.  Meal after meal.

Which actually points to one thing and one thing only.  They should all service their own bloody in-holes.  And leave me out of it! 

So I can service mine.

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  1. How you suffered!
    I don't remember any of you bothering to tell me what your culinary needs were.......
    I think the gals preferred green veg and the boys yellow,
    Albert has never liked fish,
    You don't like eggs any more(you would have starved as a child if you hadn't eaten them),
    you don't like butter and cream....

    It all fades eventually Helene.

  2. A time WILL come when you don't have to cook for the brood - I promise!