Saturday, 13 September 2014

At least I'm not going grey!!!

At least I'm not going grey!!!
12 September 2014

There seems to be a bit of a hair pattern emerging here.  But despite the fact that my previous post also regarded hair, I’m not obsessed at all.  Or not too much in any rate.

The point is just this – at forty one years of age, I’ve got lots to be grateful for.

I’ve got my health, my fabulous family, I live in a beautiful area, I have my passions, I’m creative, etc.  Currently I’m even happy with my weight – a rare occurrence.

So, all in all, lots to be thankful for.

But like everyone else, I’ve also got my fair share of problems.  Nothing insurmountable.  Just the usual run-of-the-mill-type-of-things.  We’ve all got them.  Money, lack of time, constant rushing around, too much to do in too little time, the demands of raising cheeky kids, and so on and so forth.

And I’ve just realised that it’s all about seeing the good in life.  In appreciating the wonder.  Giving thanks for goodness.  Staying positive. 

It really is the small things, that end up being the big things.

And thus, amidst it all, I’ve come to the conclusion, that of all the things I worry about, at least going grey is not one of them.

Can’t imagine anything worse.  Well, technically I could.  But going grey is most likely pretty grim.  A visible reminder that you’re ageing, and starting to get past your prime.  That time is marching on, and that the okay-ish looks are coming to an end.

Yip!  Sooooo glad I’m not going grey.

Instead, I’m going silver.

Which is really kind of cool.

I told my daughter I’m going to save a bunch on accessorising from now on.

I’m wearing my bling in my hair.  Way easier!

No need for messy, do-these-earrings-match-with-this-top-nonsense?  Or, which-tacky-bracelet-would-look-nice-with-these-jeans?  Then there’s the, should-I-go-with-white-or-red-today?  Cause we simply all know that silver is just sooo in.  In fact, it’s the new gold.  Except it’s silver.  And nicer.  More universal.  Just plain better in every single way.

I’m practically glimmering and shimmering.  All of the time.


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Tricks of light can be unkind. This glimmer is however mostly camera flash shimmer. On this occasion.


  1. I am already mostly silver - and to make it funky - I use purple shampoo that makes my darker silver go purple!! Too much fun!!