Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Every so often, I hear about this really nice kid

Every so often, I hear about this really nice kid
16 September 2014

I’ve heard whispers of him.  This really nice kid.

Apparently he’s pleasant to adults.  Polite and full of respect.  No mention of disdain, or feelings of entitlement.  Furthermore, he’s helpful.  Kind.  Happy to lend a hand.  Takes his dishes to the kitchen.  Eats what’s on his plate.  Is nice to younger siblings.  Doesn’t back chat.  Or whinge, moan and groan.

Imagine my surprise, when I found out he was mine.

Isn’t that just rich!

You spend a lifetime raising a child.  Years and years.  And quite often the reward you get is dubious at best.  Questionable at most.  It isn’t tangible.  Or quantifiable.  Especially when that kid is a teen.

You get grumbles.  And bickering with siblings.  Complaints about what he doesn’t have.  How his friends have more freedom.  More pocket money.  Cooler clothes.

And then you hear from another Mom, “He’s a perfect delight!”. 

And you have to stop yourself from saying, “Are we talking about the same child?”.

It’s funny that.  Though in a way I suppose it makes sense. 

At home they can test the boundaries.  They know that they’re loved.  Accepted.  Unconditionally.

But at a friend’s house?  They pull out all the stops.  Apply all those endless lessons, manners, and etiquette niceties you’ve taught them. 

All in all, they’re really rather lovely.

So here’s the thing – I’d like to be a fly on the wall.  To witness this for myself.  To be able to fully believe it.

The same thing goes for all of my kids.  I get the attitude.  The nagging.  The worries about them being polite, and chewing with their mouth closed.  Saying please and thank you.  Remembering to hang up their towel.

Whereas the moms of friends?  Well they get my kids at their very best.  The kids I’ve been trying to raise.

But I get it.  Cause in return I get their nice kids, when they’re at my house.

And when I tell their moms, they too say in disbelief, “Are we talking about the same child?”.

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1 comment:

  1. He is an exceptionally nice kid. They aren't all, you know!!
    The other two are just fine too.
    I know I am biased, but still.......