Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Grow blog, grow!

Grow blog, grow!
28 August 2013

So exactly where do I go from here?

I’m super keen to grow the blog.  To take things to the next level.  To stretch myself even more.  To expand my horizons even further. 

But exactly how does one do this?  What is the right road?  And if so, will someone pretty please share the secret to success formula with me?  Or point me in the right direction at least?

I want to know what the clever tricks are.  Or aren’t there any?  Is it a lot of who you know?  And slogging away?  Hoping for that magical moment when the right person sits up and takes notice.  Besides which, is the writing even good enough to warrant a step-up from the current status quo?

Given the amount of views I’ve had in a relevantly short amount of time, there certainly seems to be an audience.  People who read daily and who follow the blog.  And the statistics show, that the numbers are escalating slowly but surely.  Pretty much month on month.  I know this to be true.  But how do I harness this? 

I would love to expand my audience.  To further my reach.  To touch more people.  To garner more blog Facebook followers.  To get more clicks, and likes.  Yes, what can I say?  I’m clearly needy.

Because I think that is surely the only way.  The more people that know about the blog, follow and enjoy it, the more the word will spread.

For me personally, it’s hard to remain objective.  And impartial.  The blog is too close to my heart.  To be unbiased and know if any of the stuff I’ve written is even vaguely good, is hard for me.  Every piece I’ve written has been fun.  And has touched a part of me.  Comes from deep within my soul.  Most of the time, the writing is like the little voice in my head.  The one that never seems to shut up!

At the very heart of it all, I still just write for the fun of it.  For the joy it gives me.  For the outlet it gives me for my creativity.  For the rush of fulfillment and delight I get when I post a new story. 

I’ve learnt so much through it all.  More about the world.  More about myself.  In fact, I think I might have a pretty good handle on exactly who Helene is.  At this very moment.  I know where she’s come from and I think I know where she’s heading.  No clear destination, except that she’s got happiness and love in her sights.  The rest is just details.

I’m especially grateful for the platform it’s given me to record so much of my life.  My observations of the world.  But most importantly of all, I’m charmed with the opportunity to record my children’s childhood.  The highs and the lows.  Those everyday run-of-the-mill days.  As I’m sure my memory of just such perfect average days, will fade in years to come.  Heck, I can hardly remember what I did last week!

And perhaps that is the greatest gift of all.  From the blog to me.  And hopefully one day to my children too.  For now, they don’t quite get the point.  Except that they know that Mommy likes doing it A LOT.  That it is her hobby and makes her happy too.  But just maybe, they’ll better appreciate the value when they’re older.  Per chance if they’re parents one day too.

So should blog success be measured by number of views?  Or number of posts?  Or followers for that matter.

Hell, no!  For all of the reasons stated above, the blog’s been fantastically successful already.  To me.

Which doesn’t mean that I still don’t value and cherish the support, encouragement, views and clicks from readers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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This is true

I LOVE Blogging!!!



  1. Helene I love reading your blog - it's always a great source of amusement and having two kids of my own I can totally relate to your travails! Alas, I have no words of wisdom as to how to grow the blog and/or generate more of an income stream from it - I can only offer words of encouragement. I guess, like Albert did, keep plugging away until you're "discovered" - if that's what you want. I suppose that's the crux - what do you want out of it?

  2. For goodness sake, just keep blogging!! PLEASE! I agree with Nic - keep plugging till you "discovered"! But I know its already feeding your soul. And mine!