Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Elvis - the world's greatest inventor

Elvis - the world's greatest inventor
21 August 2013

So the instruction to all of the Grade 3’s in Beaumont, was to do an oral about a great inventor.  To explain what they invented, why they invented it, when they invented it, etc.

And in order to help us parents, we were very kindly supplied with a list of credible inventors for our kids to base their orals on. 

All very esteemed, clever individuals.  People who’ve made a difference in our daily lives, thanks to their ingenuity and their ability to have vision.  To look further than that which has already been done.  To dream big.  Think big.  And then simply go out there and go and do big.

And some of the lauded, intelligent, gifted people on this list, include, Samuel Morse (quite obviously we owe the Morse code to him), Alfred Nobel (this charming fellow invented dynamite – nice one! – coincidently, the Nobel Peace Prize was named after him, and I do find that rather funny – the irony is not at all lost on me), Thomas Edison (he was a rather clever fellow and he invented the light bulb, phonograph and movie camera to name but a few), Orville and Wilbur Wright (the pioneers of air flight, with their aeroplane), Bartolomeo Cristofori (who invented the piano), Ferdinand Chauvier (we owe the Kreepy Krauly thanks to his genius), etc. etc. etc.  And so the list goes on, to include the inventors of Braille, plastics, Velcro and the electric kettle, to name but a few.

But apparently about five minutes after handing out these oral instruction to Cole’s class, my little boy, marched straight up to his teacher and asked her if he could do his oral about Elvis, because Elvis invented Rock ‘n Roll.  I just love his logic!

I’d like to take a wee little bit of credit for this.  Our musical education of our kids is truly paying off.  As mentioned before – Cole thinks out of the box.  I’m guessing that the other 149 Grade 3 kids stuck to the guidelines and chose one of the suggested inventors.  But not our Cole.  And Mrs Immelman, being the lovely lady and teacher that she is, immediately said “yes”.  Because the whole point of the exercise is to encourage public speaking.  And the topic thereof is not all that important after all.  Furthermore who can deny, that Elvis was the inventor of Rock ‘n Roll.  In fact, one could even venture so far as to say that he is the King of Rock ‘n Roll.

Cole and I have been having a lot of fun working on his oral, and he knows it off by heart already.  And to give us some credit where credit is due, we have tried to cover all the basics in the oral and stick to the parameters that were set out.  We explained what he invented, when it was invented and why he invented it.  Which is of course rather easy – Elvis got tired of old people’s music and he wanted music that the young people could enjoy.  It’s most certainly the truth.  And added to that, he definitely invented a new way of dancing.  Sort of.  I suspect that before his time, people who made those type of moments were classified as epileptics.  Lots of jerking, shaking and a whole lotta pelvis action.

I’m suspecting that Cole will most probably throw in a few pelvic thrusts during his oral.  Judging by the way he’s been practicing at home.  And I’m wondering if I should dissuade him?  Oh but to have such self-confidence!  Naturally he’ll pull it off quite convincingly if he does decide to go all Elvis the Pelvis on his class.  They’re going to love it!  And I’m surmising that he will more than likely also do the Elvis smirk too.  He spent a fair amount of time going on to YouTube and watching Elvis videos.  Just to ensure that he gets the look exactly right. 

And to end it off, we’ll simply have to go with?

Well that's easy - “Elvis has left the building.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.”

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  1. CLEARLY you need to arrange a recording of Coles oral! Aw pleeeeeze! Pretty pleeeze?

  2. Got to love this child! Love that he thinks out of the box!
    And that his mother allows it, and also his fantastic teacher.