Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Texting Mitt - pure stupid genius


The Texting Mitt - pure stupid genius
8 July 2014

Oh.  My.  Word.  The Texting Mitt – I have now lived to see it all.

Behold a device, so indulgently stupid, it practically deserves a prize.  The raspberry for idiocy.

The irony of course, being the fact, that on the one hand it kinda makes sense.  Which just serves to show how very low we have sunk.  Below ground level.  Round about the earth’s core.  Or maybe even lower.  Coming out again down under.  In Australia perhaps.

In my estimation it ranks right up there (or rather down there), with some of the other most-stupid-inventions ever.  Like country music, Brussel Sprouts, homework, TV dating shows, snakes, the electronic synthesizer, the mullet, etc.  And the worst of them all - the Speedo.  Why???

But a Texting Mitt for goodness sake!!!  How obsessed we all are with our phones!

Personally I’m completely happy to own it.  I'm an addict too.  I run a business with my phone.  I also run my real social life.  My social media life.  My children’s social lives.  My blog to a degree.  Communicate with my family via my phone, either with texting, actual phone calls, WhatsApps, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  It’s also my camera,.  And for me, that’s huge.

It’s my whole world, within the palm of my hand.  Though I’m very aware, that it is just a means of connecting with my world – the people of value in my life.  It doesn’t replace them.  Or become more important than them.

At times, it’s vital, to put the little bugger down.  To make her stop making noises.  To put her right out of my sight.

And then, quite per chance, I saw a pic on the internet of the Texting Mitt.  And it really made me laugh.

It’s the kind of gadget, I’d expect to see in the Chinese shops.  And chances are, they’ll most likely stock them quite soon.  If they aren’t doing so already.

Which begs the next question.  The only logical one in fact.

Which colour should I get?

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  1. Hilarious!! As you say, sadly it makes sense!!

  2. I see this all over and I want to order one but I cant find this actual mitt. What is the real name and how can I find and order one?

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