Friday, 18 July 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!!!


Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!!!
18 July 2014

And just like that, my baby is a toddler.  At two years old, my blog is gaining feet.  Walking.  Occasionally, even bursting into a sprint.  Arms spread out wide.  Joyfully embracing the world.

Happy, Happy Birthday to my much beloved blog.  What an incredible, and unforgettable journey I started on the 18th of July 2012.  One I never imagined would lead me here.

Two years, 533 stories, 233 037 views, and 2 123 843 google hits later.

But those are just numbers.  Quantifiable.  But numbers none the less.

The personal growth for me has far exceeded that.  In leaps and bounds.  Unmeasurable ways. 

I’ve always had a conscience and a sense of self awareness.  Of the influence one can have on others.  How positivity, can cultivate positivity.  How what you give, is more important, than what you get back.  The value of chronicling your life and experiences, so that you can remember.  Not just the extraordinary.  But the very ordinary, special-because-of-their-very-mundane-normality days too.  The speed with which my children’s childhood is whizzing past.  The importance of commemorating events.  Of rejoicing in the small things in life.  Because the truth of the matter, is that they’re actually the big things in life.

And the blog has highlighted all of this for me.  In beautiful, amazing, bright and brilliant techni-colour. 

Giving me both a microscope at times, to analise things intently, and the hazy comfort of stepping back and seeing the bigger picture at other times.

What a wonderful, marvellous, incredible gift.

Looking back at old stories, I am so grateful for the gift of descriptive words.  Because without them, those special little stories would get lost.  You think you will remember them.  But you won’t.  It gets hazy.  And eventually, it just gets lost.

And thus, perhaps my greatest gift of all, has been a selfish one.  To me.  From me.

My writing. 

My creative outlet.  My voice.  My space to indulge in my odd sense of humour.  To appreciate the quirky side of life.  To be able to see the funny in everyday ordinary things, that might otherwise drive me batty.  A platform for me to express myself and process that which I see around me.  To try and make sense of it all.

And for me, an exceptionally and remarkably unperceptive person, the reward I’ve gotten back, has been life changing.  The gift of really thinking about things.  Of looking deeper.  Seeing further.  Of perhaps becoming more perceptive. 

I don’t know if it was lurking there the whole time already.  Maybe.  And perhaps all that was needed was to tap into that ability.  Cause to be fair, I never really knew I could write either.  And that once I started writing, it would be so ridiculously easy.  So fun.  Each story, like going on a marvellous adventure or trip.  Without the tedious and boring packing of luggage.  Or going for vaccine shots.  Exploring along the way.  Bursting forth with speed and fervour.  Never tough to write.  Never laborious or dull. 

I celebrate the opportunity the blog has given me to archive my children’s lives through their very own words and actions.  Their stories and adventures.  And mine on the side lines.

Thanx to those of you, who’ve joined me on this journey.  For the likes, the comments, the shares, and the connecting.  The kind words in person.  The encouragement and appreciation.  But mostly for the reading.  For listening with your eyes, through my words.

It’s been amazeballs!  And I look forward to the next exciting chapter. 
When my blog is 2 years and 1 day old…

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  1. It is truly amazing...your perseverance with this is a gift and lesson to all of us!
    I look forward every day, and feel 'n little piece of me is missing if I do not get my Helene fix - even just seeing you share on days I don't get to read it!
    And so you also record the Lombard Thing for us. Between you,Bettie and Ouma we are richly blessed!
    Thanks Helene.

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday!! I am so glad I have your blog to look forward to every day! Thank you!