Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The problem with being the baby in the group is this...

The problem with being the baby in the group is this...
30 July 2014

I was looking back at some of my old photographs the other day.  Mind you, only the digital ones on my computer.  I never even glanced at my hard copy prints. 

It was a friend’s 50th birthday.  And as the self-appointed photographer at any gathering, I’m always the one taking photos.  And on this occasion, we had bought Thea a digital photo frame.  But what is the purpose of a photo frame if it is not filled with pics?  And who should have all of the pics?  Moi! 

Now, this was not an easy task.  I have over ten years’ worth of photos.  Thousands and thousands and thousands.  Entire hard drives full.

Making even a small selection of some of the very best photos was a mammoth task.  Eventually I dedicated over three hours to the project on Friday morning (nothing like last-minute-com), and eventually whittled the selection down to a mere 5 000.  And this was only up to January 2008!!!

I eventually called it quits, and trimmed it down further to a measly 763.  I will continue my task, but for now it’s an ample start.  Two hours’ worth of continuous photo play.

But here’s the thing I noticed on my three hour long photo journey.  A journey filled with awesome memories and really good times.  The one and only Cole is the baby in our crowd of friends.  And for a really long time, he was the baby of the family.  Our nuclear family, as well as the extended family on both sides.

One fact became blatantly obvious – he didn’t need legs.

There are very few photos of the little bugger walking at all.

He was permanently attached to someone’s hips!  The adults carried him around – family and friends.  Our friends children.  Our other children.  Our family members.  Random people at social gatherings and school functions would claim him.

He was forever hoisted.  And attached like a limpet to someone’s side.

Even once he was able to walk.  And even then, he didn’t really fancy walking either.

Instead he opted to run.  Very much a reflection of his personality.  A trait still evident to this day.

So perhaps he was saving himself.  Reserving his energy.  Knowing full well, that when the time came, he’d leap through life.

And run.

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A rare photo of little Cole with his feet touching the ground - and even here he's running

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  1. Interesting observation!!
    The one and only.........
    He was (is) flippen cute. Always the charmer.