Tuesday, 18 February 2014

21 Pics of politicians in wellies, staring at floods

21 Pics of politicians in wellies, staring at floods
18 February 2014

I must admit, that I had a really good giggle the other day.  I saw on Facebook, that there was a whole group, dedicated to the search for pics of politicians in wellies, staring at floods.

Now admittedly, this was a British-based endeavour.  But it did give me pause for thought.  I’ve seen similar poses before.  In our very own South Africa.  Perhaps this is a world-wide phenomenon?

It goes something like this:  Have horrendous flood.  Large scale damage to property, crops, and occasionally livestock.  Sometimes sadly, loss of human life too.  Enter politician.  Wearing dark sombre clothes.  Wearing dark sombre look.  And usually a green pair of wellies.  Large wake of flashing journalists in tow.  Usually wearing dark sombre clothes and look.  Green wellies too.  Obligatory humongous cameras draped across neck, with dauntingly long zoom lenses to boot (Get it?  Boot!  Sorry, but it appeals to my sense of humour.).

It’s clearly a thing.

I have seen similar poses, by politicians across the world, in flood damaged areas.  Perhaps they learn how to do it at Politician School?  Pass rate is only achieved, when a suitable expression of compassion and empathy is perfectly married to the correct body language and facial expression.

And somehow or other, with the addition of a few applicable and appropriate props, they are able to transpose this look, pose and demeanour for other relevant occasions too.

Unbearable heat waves?  Dark sombre clothes.  Dark sombre look.  Green wellies exchanged for a suitably dull brolly.  And sunglasses too.

Fire?  Dark sombre clothes.  Dark sombre look.  Green wellies, brolly and shades exchanged for a facial mask (it helps with the smoke).

Earthquake?  Dark sombre clothes.  Dark sombre mood.  Depending on the damage, they might actually wear all of the above – wellies, facial mask, shades and brolly too.

Though perhaps I am being rather unfair.  In the case of a natural disaster or great calamity, it is encouraging that they at least step out of the comfort of their offices, to connect with the people.  To see the damage first hand.  To try and get a feel for the magnitude of the damage and people’s great suffering. 

I would imagine that it makes the victims feel that their plight is being heard.  That the governmental powers that be, actually do care.  It is probably fairly encouraging as well.  And let’s face it – it is really good for the gears of government, to get an appreciation for their people.

Hopefully it guides them, in allotting help.  In trying to make a difference.

Still, I find the whole “21 Pics of politicians in wellies, staring at floods” thing quite funny.  Not because floods and suffering are funny.  Far from it.  But I find it funny, because it shows me that people have a sense of humour.  That we seek to find order and patterns.  And that any grouping of people, animals, or things, is thought provoking. 

In addition, I would rather look at “21 Pics of politicians in wellies, staring at floods”, than “21 Pics of politicians, going out for lunch”.  Or “21 Pics of politicians picking their nose”.

Just saying.  

And so, “Wellie on soldiers”.  Very, very happy that you’re out there.  Doing something.

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Aaahhh, yes! The point and stare - very effective.

Point and stare with copper in the back - nice one!

As mentioned - dark sombre clothes, dark sombre look, mostly green wellies

The wellie patrol

Favourite facial expression - this one wins in my book

Nice composition of colours - I like!

Tripple whammy - wading in water, gesticulating, and copper in the back

The point and stare

Contemplating exchanging the very fashionable threads and colourful clothes

And indeed he does

Transformation complete

Purposeful long-legged stride


  1. I agree Bettie - so fresh and very unexpected!!
    Just saying............................