Thursday, 28 February 2013

Catching my kids red-handed

Catching my kids red-handed
28 February 2013

Children are brilliant actors, I tell you.  They truly are.

They have an amazing ability to profess innocence, even when they've been caught in the act.  And evidence and proximity to the crime aside, they are able to argue quite ferociously that they're the injured party. The one who's been wronged.  For how dare they be accused?  Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

They turn big eyes towards you.  Open wide with surprise.  "No not me.  I would never", an oft heard refrain.

But they're little buggers.  Every single one of them.  

They delight in mischief and mayhem at times.  In experimenting with boundaries and testing the rules.

Will I ever forget the time little Amber gave hairdressing a bash?  I actually think they all do it at one point or another.  It doesn't take long for them to join the dots between enticing and dangerous looking pair of scissors and hair.  It's but a small leap.

We were visiting my Mom at Muisnes and Amber was about three.  I walked up from the garden and saw her standing on the stoep.  Scissors in her hand buried deep in her hair.  A pile of little locks discarded on the floor.  Surely not her beautiful wispy little strands?

I immediately asked her what she was doing.  Quite silly actually, as it was plainly obvious.  And then Amber absolutely floored me, by saying "nothing".  Stunned, I asked her if she'd just cut her hair. Once again silly, as it was plain for all to see.  Just add the pieces - scissors, hair on the floor, gaping hole where hair is supposed to be and slightly guilty expression.  No she said, she had not been cutting her hair.  Nor would she ever, she claimed.  And for extra good measure, she even added a "promise Mommy".

How does one argue with that?  Scissors still in hand.  Hair at her feet.

Such is the joy of parenting.  Dealing with little mishaps of this nature.  

I have also caught my kids, writing implement in hand, albeit crayon, pencil or khoki.  Indulging in a bit of artwork.  And as for a blank canvas?  Few things can compete with a carpet or a wall.  Heck, even a duvet cover will do.  Books another firm favourite too.

So often, depending on the nature of "the crime" these things are not funny at the time.  But in hindsight one can look back and have a good giggle.

Not only at what they have done though, but also in the aplomb they have in attempting to get away with it.  As if!
My three year old little niece, Bella, just took to her hair.  But at least she confessed.  She hacked off her hair, and then kindly handed her Mom the scissors back, thanking her for the loan.  She proclaimed that she had been to hot and was feeling much cooler now, thank you very much.
I must say, it does look rather tempting...
The weapon... 

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