Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bloggidy Blog!!!

Bloggidy Blog!!!
10 February 2013

So what’s with the whole blogging competition thing?  And is it really worthwhile?  Why should people vote?  Does it actually matter?

And so in answer to the above questions, I’d like to say:  I feel it’s an important platform.  Yes.  Because they think I’m worthy and I ask them really nicely.  Yes it does.
I am completely and utterly enamoured with blogging.  I really am.  It is wonderfully therapeutic.  In fact it’s way cheaper than therapy.  As a hobby, it gives me a voice, a creative outlet and freedom of expression.  In a sense it is a diary and journal of my life and my children’s childhood.  If nothing else, it will one day give their therapists an accurate log and account of where it all went wrong and downhill.  How they can one day blame me.  I do it from home and it doesn’t cost a cent.  I do it in my own time.  I have a passion for it.  I have always loved writing and enjoy the process.  The feeling of excitement and joy I get from doing it.  The way I read through a story one last time before I post it and that feeling of “oh, I really love this one” I get every single day.  With every single new story.

Most stories unravel as I’m typing them.  Bit by delicious bit.  I might have the bare bones in my head, but as my fingers fly over the keys, it quickly starts to take shape.  Sometimes, I explore something while I’m writing it.  Sort of working through it and trying to figure it out.  And with every single story, I feel that I am exercising the muscle.  Improving on my skills.  Extending myself and putting myself out there.

I have a list and titles that I’d like to write about.  Avenues I’d like to walk down.  And amazingly enough, my list seems ever growing and I’m hopeful the well will never run dry.  Daily life provides lots of material.  Something I’ve seen somewhere, quite per chance.  A random conversation.  An observation about people. 

I enjoy the ridiculous and love seeing the humour in things.  In my children.  In my wacky extended family.  In myself and life in general.  Life is too short, to not enjoy it to the maximum.  So with every single day, I try and reap out the very best rewards possible.  To look for the unusual.  I think it’s been a habit for most of my life.  And subconsciously I’ve probably been doing it forever.  I possibly have a quirky and usual take on things.

I’m not very bright, but I’m hoping I’ve got you fooled.

At times my Grantie laments my obsession and involvement.  Yet I make it a point, to not steal of his time or my children’s with me.  Still, I am entitled to some fun of my own.  Hey, I could be in a pub drinking away.  Or out jolling with my besties.

So, as for the blogging competition thing, what is the point?  I truly think it is a wonderful platform.  A place for my voice to be heard.  Because great though I think my audience is (I really, really love you guys), I would like to have more of you.  This is potentially a place for me to get noticed.  Quite obviously I’m not going to win.  There is no hope of that.  I’m optimistic, not stupid.  But I’ll never stop dreaming and shooting for the stars.  It’s pretty scary putting yourself out there, let me tell you.  And I find it a brave thing to do.  It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, as I’m really a wall flower at heart.  Not the greatest orator, by any stretch of the imagination.  I am so new to all of this and don’t really have much of a clue.  Everything I’ve done with the blog so far has been self-taught.  I am ever looking for new ways to expand and get the word out there.  In fact, in an effort to learn more about the whole process, I sent an e-mail to the top three contestants in the competition.  And would you believe, that mere hours later, I got responses from two of them.  Which just goes to show, that people like to help.  To give one another a hand.  And lady number one (Baby Sideburns) and I have struck up a friendships of sorts, with mails going back and forth.  And thus I’ve made a new friend, who has encouraged me lots.  Ironically, we have rather similar backgrounds.  I will forever appreciate the time she has taken and her kind words to me.

And so after a few days, I’m in position 92 out of 233 contestants.  Higher than I had ever dreamed of achieving.  Still there are a few days more of voting, so I will hopefully climb a bit higher.  As far as I can tell, I’m the only contestant from Africa, never mind South Africa.  Most of the ladies are from the USA, with a few from the UK too.  So, to my continent and country, I’ll fly the flag high.

I wish to thank each and every person for your votes.  Your heartfelt words of support.  Your encouragement.  Your comments.  Your shares.  Your inspiration.  They keep my going and push me on.

But most importantly of all, whether you vote or not, it’s all actually okay.  As long as you tune in, every so often and read my ramblings I’m happy.  I hope I’ve given you some entertainment.  Perhaps a good laugh.  And maybe the odd tear too.

For me, blogging is just so much fun.  An incredible journey and I’m so enjoying the ride.

Thanx for coming along.  Buckle up, it could get bumpy.

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  1. Very proud of my gal! I think it is a very brave thing to do!
    I go to Albert's gigs, get my nails painted by Katrine, get a daily injection from you! Lucky lady!