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We don't have The Google

We don't have The Google
3 December 2013

Life without Internet – it sure sucks!  I’ve become so accustomed to having the whole world at my fingertips that I feel quite lost without it and have withdrawal symptoms and feelings of discontent when it’s gone.  Bizarre given the fact that a few years ago I managed perfectly fine without it.

I remember the long lost dial-up days.  When the Internet was always a screechy jingle and a few minutes out of my reach.  Patience was key, but then again, I knew no different.  But now I’ve been spoilt and feel done in when I have no access or have to wait.

Being away at Kleinbaai for a few days without Internet is all okay.  It is accepted after all.  But having no net at home is entirely different.  No fun at all.

In fact it makes me just a teensy wee little bit mizzy.  Like a druggie needing a fix, I crave it even more.  Especially when access is denied and it is out of my control.  When I’m at the mercy of Mweb and their blasted upgrades to their Seacom cables millions of miles away.  Or some or other technical problem that I am unable to sort out on my own and I have to rely on Telkom to help me out, because my line is faulty.  Or some such dilemma.

Which reminds me of the other day, when Cole had a buddy over to play.  Watching little kids and even not so little kids at play is always fun and interesting.  Especially if you happen to be a fly on the wall and they’re really comfortable in your presence and treat you as if you’re invisible.

So I’m in the study, when Cole and Thomas come walking in.  At any given time, we have at least two PC’s in our study.  Sometimes three, if Grant’s laptop is also there.  So on this occasion all of the puties are available and the boys walk in so that Cole and Tom can look at PSY’s Gangnam Style youtube clip.  I will quote their conversation for you.

Cole:  “You must look at this cool video Tom – it’s Gangnam Style”

Both boys peer close to a PC and then Tom leans in with a puzzled look on his face.

Tom:  “Don’t you have The Google?”

Cole:  “No.  We don’t have The Google.  We only have The Internet.”

Tom:  “We don’t have The Internet.  We only have The Google.”

Cole:  “I wish we had The Google”

And then these two little eight year olds proceeded to have a long and very convoluted conversation about the merits of “The Google” as opposed to the merits of “The Internet”.  Too cute!  They knew all the right noises to make and had the lingo down pat.  They had clearly been paying attention to the adults in their life.

Perhaps Cole should just have taken Tom’s word.  I can vouch for the fact that he’s a very hip and happening little dude.  Very much in tune with what’s happening around him.  I know this for a fact, because when I went to fetch Tom from his house and we driving back to our house for the playdate, I asked the boys if they wanted to listen to some music.

And without skipping a beat, Thomas leaned forward with a gleeful look in his eye (I know this because I happened to glance back when I asked) and said “Yes, please!  Can we listen to some AC/DC.  Do you know who they are?”

As mentioned before – a hip and happening kid.  Good taste in music goes a long way and I’m glad to see that his parents have given him a good musical education.  Welcome back for a playdate anytime my boy.  Any time!
Perhaps next time Tom comes I can get the boys to discuss politics a bit.  Sure I'll learn lots just from listening.

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