Monday, 7 January 2013

A Kleinbaai Xmas

A Kleinbaai Xmas
7 January 2013
Right!  The whole scorched earth thing.  Not that I’m all that well informed ( in fact I’m shockingly ill-informed), but I think it roughly means that you’re using up all the resources at your disposal and that are available and that you would rather burn and ruin what is there, than leave it for others.
So, not actually what I’m talking about here.  What I’m actually on about if more your scorched skin type of thing.  No, not sunburn either, but I can understand the confusion.

Perhaps I should clarify – what I’m actually talking about is the result of an outside shower ala holiday house.  The Lombards are many, many, many people.  And our holiday house, in Kleinbaai is not a large, large, large house.  More a charming little cottage style house with a magnificent view of the bay.  No one can ever build in front of us and we look right onto the sea.  Complete and utter nirvana.  There is no greater pleasure or joy, than spending time there with those nearest and dearest.  The more, the merrier, I say.  In fact, all of us share this sentiment.

But this is the thing – there is only ONE geyser.  A geyser that it set to boiling point.

Add to that the fact that we average about 25 to 30 people on any given day.  The amount of people varies and fluctuates and there seems to be a continual flow of people arriving and leaving and thus the mix of people together is always different.

So what this means, on a practical level, is that the bath water gets shared – many times over.  We’re family after all.  And showering has to be planned too.  Washing of dishes takes preference over personal hygiene, funny enough.  And dishes get washed first, before bodies thereafter.  Ablutions take place throughout the day and night – both the very early and very late bird catch the worm so to speak.  Whenever there’s a spot available or you’re next in line in the bathroom queue, you seize the moment.  This is not something that bothers any of us in the least.  We’re used to it and it’s become part of the charm of Kleinbaai.  Four little girl cousins share the occasional bath – something they delight in.
The other day, I took a fabulous shower.  We only have an outside shower and though the shower doesn’t face the sea, it still is outside with lots of greenery all around.  The sound of the sea in the distance and even the back “garden” is dotted with perlemoen shells and sea goodies.  So joyous to shower in clean fresh outside air.  Very freeing and liberating.  But whilst the showering joy was great, my timing was perhaps not so great.  The shower does not have a shower head, and is more a hosepipe out of a wall and the soap dishes are perlemoen shells, that have been attached to the wall.  We have a terrible problem with theft of taps, and the showerhead always gets stolen.  This particular morning was rather chilly and due to others also using water at the same time, I alternated between being scaled and being frozen.  But how glorious it was.  It sure beats my shower at home by a gazillion fold.

Growing up in a very large family, things like this don’t bother me, or any of us.  I can sleep anywhere and on anything.  I am not fussy about a mattress or a pillow and will sleep in any bed.  And sleep well and deeply.  In fact, I’ve always felt that sleep is a huge waste of time.  There is so much else I would rather be doing.  And because there is inevitably always fellow company available at Kleinbaai, I stay up late, chatting and get up early again.

This particular visit was absolutely magnificent.  But perhaps, I’m a bit biased.  I tend to say that after every single Kleinbaai visit.  And funny enough, it is true each time.  How blessed and lucky am I.
On this Kleinbaai visit, I managed to have two nights with the family.  Sadly Grant couldn’t join us, because he had work.  But the rest of us had a marvellous time.  It all started off with a huge Christmas lunch on the 26th of December and the family fun just continued from there.

Walks to the harbour at midnight.  A pathetic and laughable attempt at setting off firecrackers.  For all the animal lovers out there, it was in a very secluded spot, far away from houses.  Also our “fireworks” were very, very small and their burst of “glory” was brief.  And truth be told, we got more bang for our buck (or Albert’s buck) from the sparkles amidst his fireworx pack.  Fabulous food.  Home made donuts and lots of toasted sarmies with Xmas left overs.  Stunning chicken pilaf.  Hunting for sea glass and klipvissie fishing with nets.  Stone throwing competitions.  Swimming and a spot of kayaking too.  Luke learnt the art of making leather works from a cousin and lots and lots of dart playing too.  But mostly the camaraderie and family time will stand out.  The laughter and love that permeates all.

Kleinbaai, I love you!

Xmas Lunch - Table 1

Xmas Lunch - Table 2

Xmas Lunch - Table 1 again

Xmas Lunch - Table 2 again

Xmas Lunch - table 3

Xmas Lunch - table 3 once more

Xmas Lunch - table 4
View of the bay from the stoep

Cousins at the beach
Swimming for the brave and mere wetting of feet, for the not-so-brave

Evidence - I was there too

Jacques on the kayak (or whatever it's actually called)

Just chilling, admiring the view and taking it all in - it had been a real scorcher of a day

A huge bunch of Lombard cousins - stone throwing competition about to begin - lots of laughter and friendly banter going on

Albert setting up the target - a stone balanced on a rock - more difficult to hit than you think. And in case you're wondering, it took quite a bit of persuading to convince Cole that he was in a very dangerous position.
Some cousins lounging on a bed in the Bamboo room

Attie and Cole about to embark on a cracking dart game - so sweet of the big kids to include him
The newlyweds - Jacques and the lovely Candy
Setting up the camera and making a mad dash to get back in time before the timer goes off.  Daya was not always that successful in making it back on time.
Four of the Lombard kids with their spouses and Oupa and Ouma
Daya monkeying around with his beard, to much laughter

Dan, Maggie, Willem and Jac with Oupa and Ouma - missing Bettie terribly

Oupa and Ouma with all of the boys - check out the wife-beater shirts.  And those that didn't have them, simply rolled up their sleeves.

And yet more boys join the fray - little Cole towering above all
Just the boys, with muscle man, Oupa - former wrestling champion in Namibia - I kid you not!
Such a glorious day!
To quote Bert le Clos - "UNBELIEVABLE!!!"
Moi! Feet dangled in the water too.
Katarina doing a spot of fishing with her net, Amber watching on and Attie on the water in the distance.

Albert and Attie - discussing life on the kayaks

I mean seriously! Just look at that sunset!

My Moenkie!


Our very laughable fireworks attempt.  How many Lombards does it take to light fireworks?  It doesn't matter - it still won't work.
Amber and Cole - enjoying a bit of rock and pool exploration

Cole - the deep sea diver

Posing in the big shark jaw down at the jetty - expressions of fear!

Hamming it up

The girls can never resist the posing

Albert always manages to sleep with one leg dangling
My Amber-Berry making her famous donuts for all of us

Sitting room ambience - a game of darts on the go

A photo with my Ma and my Bra

Meal times tend to be quiet times

Jacques teaching Jaco the finer art of leather works
The great fisherman

Most beautiful little girl

The beach floor - no sand in sight

The newly engaged couple, Gareth and Nicole - most magnificent chefs

Luke busy making his leather bangle and Oupa watching on

The puzzle queen hard at work

I just love this natural light pic

Hard at work - relaxing

Ouma's most beautiful Xmas babushka's decorating the mantle above the fireplace

The puzzle is complete and Willem relaxing

Sooo chilled.  I just LURVE this house!

Ouma's birds and stars Xmas tree

The outside shower

My seaglass collection - all lovingly collected - smoothed and rounded after much pounding against the rocks by the sea - too beautiful!

The shower once more

My house is liberally dotted with glasses filled with sea glass from Kleinbaai

Hammock baby

Possibly the best spot in the house

Last pic of Amber on the hammock.  Taken shortly before I booted her off and took to it myself.


  1. Unreal how much I miss you guys.

  2. You may have missed me, but we missed Kleinbaai more! Thanks for sharing the holiday with your story and pics- I can hear the waves and the laughter and I can smell the sea. We love you, our beloved Kleinmbaai!

  3. A wonderful holiday. We are lucky that you are so camera happy ...and you follow up with this fantastic account of our holiday. Good thing someone got to snap you too - or you would never know you were there!
    Thanks, Helene, for being the family photographer and archivist - taken over from Ouma-Lene. xxx

  4. It was good to be a part of it!

  5. So so blessed that I get to be a part of this wonderful family! xxx

  6. Sounds like the type of family holiday I wouldn't mind having. One must treasure these times together.

  7. Pragtige familie, oulike huisie en stunning view! Maar ek mis vir Katrine op die fotos?