Monday, 21 January 2013

I suffer from FOMO

I suffer from FOMO
20 January 2013

I have been struck by a terrible affliction.  One that is so bad, it's even been given an acronym.  And we all know that only the serious stuff gets their very own abbreviations that make up words.

Well my "disease" is called FOMO.  Some of you might even have heard of it before.  It stands for "Fear Of Missing Out".  And I have been suffering since the hour of my birth.  I suspect that my poor mother suffered too because of it.

Now I also suspect that there is a strong correllation between my FOMO and my strong feelings on the topic of sleep.  Nice though sleeping is, it is just such a huge waste of time.  If it wasn't for that pesky sandman, I would get so much more done every day.  Just think of the possibilities.  Being unconscious is boring and not very productive.

I am simply always the last person to go to bed and call it a day.  And though I enjoy sleeping late, I am very seldom afforded the opportunity.  During the week it's early mornings to get kids to school.  And perversely I work on weekends - from early too.  It would appear as if the universe has a wicked sense of humour.  And I actually begrudgingly like her even more for it.

I just hate missing out on any potential fun.  Missing an opportunity.  Missing a good laugh.  Creating memories is my best.  And if you suffer from FOMO you have to be ever vigilant in your quest, lest you actually do miss something.

But now if there was to be a cure for FOMO what would that be?  And would it even be possible?  Grant marvels at this habit of mine.  Why can't I just go to bed and switch off?  Relax?  So what if I don't do something and miss out?  His moto seems to be - a good night's sleep is far more valuable.  I mean have you ever!!!  How bizarre!

Now I have an alternate theory.  It's still a work in progress and my diagnosis is not yet complete.  But this is what I'm thinking.  Whereas I suffer from FOMO, certain others who may not be named, suffer from FOF.  Which stands for FEAR OF FUN.  An alternative name for it is also FP - FUN PHOBIA.

Personally, I think my disease is a far better one to suffer from.  More memories are made.  More fun is had.  I think the best cure for FOMO is to give in to it.  Submission is key, so don't go to bed early, stay up as late as you can.  Have as much fun as possible.  Squeeze out every last drop of goodness out of every single day.  Milk it dry.  In short, live it up.

The irony of course is the fact that the cure for FOF and FP, is exactly the same as that of FOMO.  That is in my humble medical opinion at least.  So, just give in and do it.  Push yourself.  Go beyond your comfort zone.  Live on the edge.  Stay up late.  Have as much fun as possible.  Perhaps, given a little bit of perseverance, a simple diagnosis of FOF or FP, will turn into FOMO.  It even sounds better.

So, to quote my good friend Nike - Just Do It!

I definitely suffer from FOMO, without a doubt

Yes, Doctor - indeed I have


  1. Love your sillies! Familie-kwaal. You have suffered from this affliction since you were a baby!

  2. so true, life's too short!