Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I wish I had lubricated hips

I wish I had lubricated hips
22 January 2013

Man, in my head I am just such a good dancer.  But sadly, I know that this is not actually the case in real life.  This sad fact, however does not detract one little iota from any of the true joy I do get from dancing.  After all, it’s not as if I have to look at myself.  That horrible fate befalls others.

But my dancing skills aside, at least two of my kids have been blessed with lubricated hips.  And no, it’s not Luke.  He’s simply far too shy and controlled to completely let himself go.  A really wild dance move for Luke would be a backward and forward shuffle of one foot (and one foot only) in a repetitive and rather lethargic manner.

Amber and Cole on the other hand, have no such reservations.  They let the music transport them.  And though Amber does go to dancing lessons and has done so forever, my favourite is when she just lets the music lead her.  When she’s innovative and spontaneous and just goes with the flow.  Because sometimes those very same dancing lessons that teach you so much, acts as a filter and dampens enthusiasm.  It can kill rhythmic creativity and experimentation and indeed stifle free expression of movement.

Cole however suffers from no such inhibitions.  He is the best.  And he knows it.  Now I know that I’m his mom, so obviously I’m biased.  But seeing truly is believing.  You would not think that it is possible for a body to do what his does.  He is also willing to show off and exhibit his skills to all and sundry.  Not a shy bone in his body.  With a wee bit of instigation and prodding and some greasing of his money hungry palms, he would quite willingly demonstrate his abilities to anyone willing to look.

I can play him the same funky, catchy song ten times in a row and each and every time, he will concoct a winning routine.  A different winning routine.  A routine comprising many different styles and forms of dance.  I am not entirely sure where he’s picked up his moves.  My guess would be that he is a little sponge that absorbs everything around him.  Particularly that which he gleans from the TV.  As mentioned previously, Michael Jackson’s death and the resulting footage of pelvic thrusts and groping of the gonad area made a huge impression.  And as for the rest?  Well, those he simply makes up on his own.

When there’s music playing, his body starts twitching involuntarily.  If he’s sitting his leg starts swinging, perhaps he clicks his fingers, moves his head and if he really feels the groove, he’ll get up and boogie on down.  This we noticed since birth.  He also has incredible rhythm and I would love for him to do drumming one day, like his grandfather, my dad did.  It would actually be ideal for him to start now already.

When he was just a little boy of about three or four years old, it was not uncommon for him to give me a nudge whilst out and about with me.  Particularly while we would be standing in a queue at Pick ‘n Pay or Checkers doing our grocery shopping, at the Bank or even at the Post office.  The nudge would always be accompanied by a meaningful glance directed at the person either directly in front or directly behind us.  And then followed shortly after the nudge would be a little piercing voice in a pretend stage whisper saying “do you think I can show them my moves?”.  And who could resist.  I think in this manner, he made the day of many fellow shoppers.

For now, he’s just enjoying the rhythm and the music.  Until such a time as we start with drumming lessons or some such, I will enjoy the many shows he inadvertently gives us.  It’s good for the soul to watch such unadulterated fun and pleasure.  And truth be told, it’s bloody funny too.

And in this manner and to prove my point, I give you three YouTube clips.  The one I took in December when the kids were just playing in the back garden listening to Amber’s new CD.  And the last two clips, I took today.  Apologies for the quality – they were all taken with my cell phone.  Apologies also for the taste of songs – not mine.  Just popular stuff that’s being played on the radio at the moment and that the kids know.

DISCLAIMER:  Please note that no sugar was used in the making of these video’s.



  1. Ag that face! He just loves it - you are so very supportive.

  2. Any cooler and he could slide uphill!!

  3. A star in the making...must take after you...