Wednesday, 28 November 2012


28 November 2012

So American Thanksgiving has just come and gone.  It is a holiday not celebrated in sunny South Africa, yet, thanx to the miracle of TV, we are quite exposed to it.  Especially as so much of our TV material heralds from America.  Reference to Thanksgiving is made in sitcoms and movies.  We even read about it in books.

I am unsure about the origin of it, but I think it is a harvest celebration of sorts.  The how’s, when’s and where’s all pale for me to the significance and tradition of the holiday.  An occasion for a big family meal and a chance to say thanks for our many blessings.  What is not to love.  However, I must confess, I simply don’t get the whole turkey thing.  I think a South African edge with a Leg of Lamb has a far nicer ring to it.  But as for the rest of it, you can count me in.

I think so often we simply stumble through life, going from one thing to the next.  One crises to the next.  One deadline to the next.  A never ending run on the treadmill of life.  Never really getting off and saying thanks for the huge chunk of cheese you just got.  Or more appropriately the huge chunk of cheese that’s been sitting there all along.

Personally, I am very guilty of this.  Usually chasing after and rushing off to the next thing.  I always have to get somewhere, do something.  Very seldom quiet, very seldom still.  And with this busy-ness, comes a lack of time to reflect and truly say thanks for all that we have.  Our very many blessings we so often take for granted.  Sometimes things you only realise are gone and were precious when they’re not there anymore.  And then their loss can be acute and mind numbing.  I am fearful of not saying thanks enough.  Of not being appreciative enough of all that I have.

Every so often, I am shocked by the suffering and hardships of others and it gives me a wake-up.  But somehow after a very short while, I once again slump into the same state of un-appreciation once more.  So just for once, I am going to sit still and think.  Think of the many things that I have and take for granted.  And say thank you ever so much for all that I have.

·         I am so very, very grateful for my family – every single one of them.

·         I am grateful for three beautiful and healthy children.

·         I am grateful for a strong and loving marriage to my very best friend.

·         I am grateful to still have grandparents – three of them.  And then I’ve also got a bonus grandfather to boot, not to mention Grant’s granny too.

·         I am grateful for fabulous friends – they lift me up, cheer me on and make me laugh.

·         I am grateful for working from home and being able to spend time with my kids – some days not such a blessing, if you know what I mean – but mostly it is.

·         I am grateful for a beautiful home – small though it is, I love it.

·         I am grateful for my health – this can change in a heartbeat – and I am blessed.

·         I am grateful for my independence.  I have a car and can drive wherever I want to go.  I am not reliant on others to get me from point A to point B.  I am also not reliant on public transport either.

·         I am grateful for the wonderful opportunities that I am able to afford my children – apart from growing up in a loving home with parents who love each other and them, they go to a good school, have a wonderful roof over their heads, eat three meals a day, have many extra-murals and have cultivated good friendships.

·         I am grateful that I can provide for my family.

·         I am grateful for my creativity.

·         I am grateful for the magnificent and beautiful country that we live in.

·         I am grateful for food on the table – three times a day, and snacks in between too.

·         I am grateful for technology – making the world smaller and my sister seem closer.

·         I am grateful for the ability to have electricity and running water – a privilege so many in our country don’t get to experience – and something I very seldom think of as a privilege, merely as a given.

·         I am grateful for the education I’ve had, enabling me to think, read and write.

·         I am grateful for the most amazing childhood given to me by the most incredible parents.

·         I am grateful for being encouraged to be independent, think for myself, think outside the box, appreciate differences in others, question the world, be different, and for being praised just for being me.

·         I am grateful for my creature comforts – comfy clothes to slip into after a long day, a wonderful cup of coffee, a delicious meal, a warm soft bed, spooning with my Grantie and kids to hug, kiss and cuddle.

·         I am grateful for many, many fantastic relationships with many different people from all walks of life – old friends, young friends, new friends and then there’s family too.

·         I am grateful for being made to feel special, talented and unique by so many kind people – friends and family.

·         I am grateful for a feeling of fulfilment and contentment.

·         I am grateful for deep roots and strong bonds – they keep me grounded and humble.

·         I am grateful for all that I have. 

·         I am grateful for all that I am.

I shall endeavour to show greater appreciation in the future.  To give thanks more often.  To pay homage more frequently.

For I am blessed.

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