Friday, 2 November 2012

It fits!!!

It fits!!!
1 November 2012

Oh happy days!!!  I’ve crossed the last hurdle and my dress fits to perfection.  And all though my mammy’s are still pretty squished, I’m able to breath once more.  The arms are still flabby, but I’ll deal with that by not waving and causing a rippling of waddle.  And truth be told, I feel victorious.  So very, very chuffed with myself.  I did it!

All this without the aid of drugs, just good old fashioned dedication and perseverance.  I did however get myself a wee tin of green tea this week.  It can’t hurt after all.  I mean have you ever seen a fat Chinese person?  Hardly ever and they virtually live off this stuff.  So perhaps there’s a bit of truth to the whole green tea mystique.  Personally I have to overcome the hurl reflex each time I take a sip, but as my Afrikaans granny, Ouma Cathy would say, “My kind, mooi is seer”.  Which roughly translated means that beauty is pain and that you have to suffer to look good.  Probably I’m just now gaining the rewards of over three weeks of dieting.  I’m back on my old Weigh-Less weight, all be it at the very top of my correct weight range.  Should I indulge in just one cup of coffee, I’ll mostly likely tip over the goal weight zone once more.  But I’m not concerned in the slightest, because baby, I feel good!

We’ve rented my Grantie a tux and all I can say is “WOW!!!”.  The boy sure cleans up real good.  My very own version of a dashing, good looking and handsome young knight.  He’s got the whole James Bond, shaken-not-stirred thing down pat.  I’ll be calling him 007 for a while after this and will ensure that he only drinks “vodka martini, shaken not stirred” this whole weekend.  And I’m sure that with the assistance of a good hair piece or even a toupee, he’d be a dead ringer for Pierce Brosnan.  Hold me down!!!

I’m looking forward to a change of scenery.  To experiencing something new.  Meeting more of the people he speaks about so often when he travels to his company’s offices in Durban and Joburg.  The added enticement of a hotel stay in five star splendour is also not without appeal.  And being the un-travelled pleb that I am, to me Durban is equally exotic as a trip to the Maldives.  See, I’m actually very easy to please.  Heck, a trip to anywhere would’ve been good right about now.  Seriously, even Siberia holds appeal, and I don’t even like winter at all.  The problem is just getting it together to get there at all.

Because mother of mercy, getting all of my ducks in a row is ever so challenging.  Too much to organise as Jump 4 Joy cannot merely grind to a halt in my absence.  It’s onwards and upwards and kids need to jump.  So I’m wangling and organising to make it all happen.  A gazillion balls in the air at the moment.  It is the very first busy, busy, busy weekend of the summer Castle season.  Chock-a-block full and too good an opportunity for earning a living, to give it up and just call it quits.  I wonder if “normal” people also experience this?  Or am I the only one?  Possibly it would be easier if I had a straightforward 8 to 5 job.  One where I closed my office door at the end of the day or the end of the week, waved my colleagues goodbye and simply left.  But this is not to be and there are a very many perks to my job.  And despite my griping, I shall remain grateful for these.

Grant will be taking his laptop with him, so that should I have a wee moment, I’ll be able to blog or at least write a story.  I’m trying to work in advance so that I can still post every day and I don’t want to put myself under pressure.  I suppose if I skip the odd day, no one will die.  Few might even notice my absence and many more won’t care.  But due to my OCD, it just wouldn’t work for me.  So, I might just make it.  I’ve got two near complete’s and a few unfinished symphonies – or should I rather say stories.  So with a little bit of luck, there’ll even be blogging from Durbs.  Apparently they also have internet there.  Who would’ve guessed!  I wonder if they have sharks roaming the streets?  Supporters of them for sure.  However after their dismal performance and none too gracious exit out of the Currie Cup Final, Durban might be feeling a bit morose and depressed.  Poor them!

I’ll be sure to take many photos and promise to post a few pics of “The Bald and The Beautiful” (ha-ha-ha!!!).  So watch this space for “Bond, James Bond” as well as his little piece of arm candy (that would be me)…..

Note to self - get Grant a gun
Once again - a gun is required - element of danger and all that
Clearly its Casual Friday (obviously the gun thing only works when wearing a Tux - remember to take one of Cole's along to Durban for special effects)


  1. I hope you have an awesome time!!
    I am impressed that you lost so much in such a short time - again your perseverance.

    By the way, as I understand it, Grant already has a gun - a big one!

    What you need for him is a revolver or pistol - but perhaps he has one of those already too?

  2. The latest Bond girl!! The skinny Helene!! So proud of you! I am sure you are loving your weekend away with 007! He's a lucky fish! x