Tuesday, 6 November 2012

"Bond girl" and her Pierce do Durban - Part 1

"Bond girl" and her Pierce do Durban - Part 1
6 November 2012

So, I’m fresh from my trip to Durbs with Pierce.  And what a truly marvellous experience it was.

It was a huge rig-ma-roll to make it all happen though.  But once those bags were packed, loaded in the car and we left home, the magic began.  Or at least it did, after confirming with my domestic worker that my newly ordered Jumping Castles were safely delivered by the courier company – this just after we arrived at the airport.  A quick phone call to the client waiting with bated breath in the proverbial wings, to confirm that the eagle had landed and that he could go and load the new goodies then promptly ensued.

And then, the holiday began.  Or actually it did after sitting in the airport at a restaurant, phoning and confirming collection times with an additional two clients that I had been unable to get hold of in the preceding few days.  Necessitating the need to send them the contact details of my neighbour’s daughter who would be running the castles for me in my absence.  In turn notifying the neighbour’s daughter of the corresponding changes too.

And then the holiday really began.  Seriously this time.

I am not a frequent flyer – far from it.  It has been just over five years since the last time I’ve flown.  And in total I’ve only flown a handful of times.  Yet despite my virtual novice flying status, I do spend an inordinate amount of time at the airport.  Dropping and fetching various family members and often helping Grant with vehicle drop-offs at the airport as well.  Bosses and colleagues flying in needing transport.

So, given the above, flying was just about a whole “new” experience for me.  We were lucky to not fall prey to the 1Time disaster that befell so many hapless others.  Instead we were in the trusted hands of our former colonial rulers – BAA.  I expressed regret however that we were not flying with SAA.  A good friend’s husband is an experienced pilot with them, with many flight hours under his belt.  And believe it or not, but his favourite programme on TV is the Discovery Channel’s “Air Crash Disaster” or is it “Investigation”?  Personally I was totally bemused when he first told that he watched it all the time.  How odd I thought and terrifying at the same time.  I had imagined that it would be a show he’d just about do anything to avoid watching.  Kind of the equivalent of me watching “Greatest Jumping Castles Deaths”.  Hardly a family show.  Yet Werner is adamant that he learns a lot whilst watching it.  So, after giving it some thought, it made kinda sense to me.  And I’d rather have him-of-the-added-bonus-of-learning-from-TV-disaster-aircrash-re-enactment than a scaredy cat who avoids the show altogether.  However surprisingly, in a rather small-minded-not-seeing-the-bigger-picture-fashion, British Airways took a rather grim view on my request for an SAA pilot to fly their precious Boeing 737.  Personally, I can’t see what all the fuss was about.  As a paying customer (okay, so technically I didn’t pay for the flight – Grant’s work did), surely I had a say?  I most certainly exercise this right upon choosing the driver of a car in which I’m a passenger.

The flight itself was fine, despite a bout of cloudy turbulence and I just loved the sensation of being high up in the air.  However frequent flyers all confer that the novelty wears off it you do it on a regular basis.  I did have the odd moment in mid-air, where I regretted being so enamoured of the TV series “Lost” – a programme dedicated to the survival of a bunch of air crash survivors stranded on a deserted and freaky tropical island.  Until I managed to distract myself by pondering if I’d rather be stranded with the programme’s good boy, Doctor Jack.  Or the exciting bad boy, Sawyer…..No points for guessing who won that little bet.

In no time at all, we were in Durban it seemed.  Whisked off to our fabulous hotel – the Hilton dahling.  It was all very much like you see in the movies.  Big open entrance, with bellhops galore.  Dramatic grand piano, openly displayed, fresco’s on the high walls, water features, sculptures, wide open spaces, everything gleaming and shining and smiles all around.  My first thought was that the kids would’ve loved it.  It looked like a scene straight out of “The suite life” with Cody and Zac.

And in ever so grand fashion, we checked in, handed over our luggage, retired to our room and just took it all in.  And a short while later with a “rat-a-tat-tat”, the bellhop appeared with our luggage in tow in a perfect little luggage trolley, ever so cute.  And being a bit of a tourist and the pleb that I am, I insisted on photos and a ride in the trolley.  Such fun.  The bellhop was a real sport and I think he enjoyed my enthusiasm as well as the handsome tip that we gave him.

And once he had left, I giggled with glee and raced into the room once more.  I made a big twirl and hopped on the bed.  And for ever so long, I jumped on the bed, like a naughty child.  Grant just shook his head – he’s quite used to me by now with my youthful enthusiasm and childish enjoyment of things.  So, he took out the camera, to commemorate the occasion.  Such a sport!

I hope I never lose the ability to get all excited over silly little things.  It keeps me grounded with my feet firmly on mother earth.  Nothing blasé for me for sure.  And just to make sure that I never lost my edge, I jumped on the bed some more the following day too.

Stay tuned tomorrow, for Part 2 of our Durban escapades, including pics of Pierce and I in all our splendid finery.  We both cleaned up pretty well, I must say.
A beautiful patchwork quilt from the sky
 Keeping a firm eye on the wing every so often
Uh, ja well no fine???
Relaxing and perusing the room service menu
Loving the luggage trolley. Why? What is wrong with me?
Going for a wee little spin, courtesy of our sweet and friendly bellhop
Having a delightful jump on the bed - I'd give the bed about an 8 out of 10 for bounce-ability

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