Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oh for blog's sakes!!!

Oh for blog's sakes!!!
7 October 2012
So it’s two and a half months down the line and the blog’s still going strong.  Jeez, who would have guessed?  Certainly not me.  In fact, definitely not me.  I am quite honest when I say, that I am most surprised of all.  Though perhaps I shouldn’t be.  I am known (at least to myself) for my dogged persistence and single mindedness.  I don’t give up on stuff.  Or people for that matter.  I hang on regardless and never let go.  Which possibly explains why I’m such a squirrel and a hoarder of note.  If it set my mind on doing something, I do it.   And at present I’ve got blogging in my sights.  And will have for the longest time.  It is such fun!
When I look back at the blog, a few things tickle me.  The numbers – and there are two in particular.  Firstly, I would never, ever, ever have guessed, even in my wildest dreams that I would be capable of writing and posting something new nearly every day (so I’ve skipped two days – shoot me), and calculating tonight’s blog, it brings my total up to 83 posts.  Seriously!!!  I didn’t even know I had that much inside of me.  Or that much to say?  I don’t know how good the stuff is – or even if any of its good.  But I do know that I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I’m busy writing the stories.  And when I look on all that I’ve posted, I still like the stuff I’ve done.  So, I suppose that says something at least – my own taste and sense of humour hasn’t changed.  I still find the same things amusing and the same things to be true.  I love doing the family stories about my weird, wonderful and wacky family, that I absolutely adore.  I’ve had a few serious moments as well, and surprisingly those posts have done remarkably well as well – not that that is the end goal at all.  It is still just about me having fun.
The second number that I find equally amazing, is the fact that to date, over 15 000 people have read my stories!  How is that even possible?  The number increases daily – anything between 100 to 500 views per day depending on the particular story.  I don’t even know 100 people who could read it on any given day.  It must be true then – that people that I don’t know read it as well.  The overseas “viewership” is still huge, and this week Thailand came on board big time.  How peculiar!
My Grantie has sort of settled down to the fact that I thoroughly enjoy the blog and he does not begrudge me the joy it brings.  I try and limit myself to doing it when the rest of the family are at school and work, so it doesn’t cut into family time.  So, if possible, I do a quick story in the morning (it really doesn’t take long to write) and I tweak it a bit later on in the day, if I feel that something should be added.  I look for an accompanying pic or whole bunch of pics and then I post just before bedtime.  Grant bemoans the fact that he seems to go to bed on his own these days, but I’ve told him, I would rather do it at night when the whole house is sleeping, than during family times when we’re busy with other stuff and simply being together.  Some days, things don’t work out according to plan, and I blog a bit when everyone is asleep.  But I’ve told Grant that he really isn’t awesome company when he’s unconscious, so blogging while he’s sleeping is not so bad.
So, is blogging about blogging not really scraping the bottom of the barrel?  Nah, not so much.  It’s my little commentary on where I’m at, at the moment.  But fear not, I have about five or so half-baked stories, in various stages of completion.  And probably about 30 or so more story ideas.  And this list gets added on to on a nearly daily basis.  So, there’s still a fair bit of fodder out there.  And lest we forget, my family provides me with oodles of material, very regularly.
On two occasions, I have skipped a night and not blogged.  And it seriously is not worth the guilt I go through.  It feels like I’ve cheated on a test or lied to my mother.  I simply can’t stand it.  After all, I can’t disappoint my public – they need me…….The rotation of the earth depends on my social commentary and blogging about arb nonsense.
The varied and vast readership is hugely rewarding and satisfying.  As are the numerous flattering and positive comments that I get about the blog.  A marvellous and unexpected by-product.  Now, if only I could feel justified in the blogging, by making a few bucks on the side.  Hah!  That would be awesome.  But yet again, not the end game.  It would just be a delicious little cherry on an awesome rich chocolate cake.  Bring it on!


  1. So delighted you have much fodder! My day is not complete without your daily blog - it really makes my day! Thanks Helene!

  2. Ag Helene. I am so thrilled for you - and all of us get to score an awesome read every day.
    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it.