Tuesday, 23 October 2012


23 October 2012

I just luuurve markets.  No, not, fruit and veg type markets.  You know – crafty markets.  Markets filled to the brim with pretty stuff. 

I get all excited and fall in love with a gazillion things I simply have to, have to, HAVE to have.  Not that I ever get them.  Unless they’re rip roaring bargains of course – and of the under R20 variety.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I do end up getting the odd trinket (budget style), but only if I have serious heart pangs and envision post-not-purchase-regret if I don’t get it.  I mean, what is a girl supposed to do???

And the pinnacle of all markets, simply has to be “Kamers Vol Geskenke”.  A true feast for the eye, with beauty and ingenuity all around.  The innovative ideas that people have, to continually create new, clever, quirky, interesting, gorgeous articles are truly impressive.  And quite often, a real gem for me, is something which has cost very little in terms of money.  An idea, born from creativity and magnificently realised.  Joyful!  And I salute all who participate and form a part of this magic.  You are the cream of the crop.  Really top notch.

So, I simply had to share the whole Kamers experience with Grant – my bestest friend.  He had the morning off today, in anticipation of a trip away, so I booked him in advance saying we’ve got to do this.  “Baby, you’ll absolutely love it!  You won’t believe all the beautiful things.  The vibe.  The creativity, etc, etc, etc.”.  I do drone on a bit, I know.  And I had such high hopes that he would be equally spellbound.  But alas, it was not to be.

For me, it was a case of Kamers Vol Gekenke/Possibilities/Clever ideas/Magnificent ideas/Beauty/Creativity/Inspiration/and so my list goes on.  For my beloved Grantie, it was a case of Kamers-Vol-What’s-The-Point.  He was utterly miserable the entire time we were there.  And shame, he couldn’t even pretend to enjoy it.  We wondered around aimlessly with me oohing and aahing, and Grant unsuccessfully feigning non-existent interest.  After about 10 minutes, he eventually went and stood outside, waiting for me to finish up in the one hall, so that we could simply move on to another hall (torture chamber in Grant’s case).

After about 15 minutes of saying “lovely” to pacify me, we called it a day.  Not even the promise of liquid refreshment held any allure.  Or swaying power for that matter.  He just didn’t get the point.  And says that he couldn’t figure out what half of the “lovely” things on sale even were.

And jeez, I can’t blame him.  It is hardly a “man’s domain” after all.  And most certainly not my man’s.  Now I know that sounds sexist, but you know what I mean.  In hindsight, I can’t believe how incredibly dof I was to even suggest a trip to Kamers to him.  What was I thinking?  Well, clearly I wasn’t.  I’m writing it down, to the fact that I was blinded by lust for all that glitters at Kamers.  It is however a treasure best shared with a fellow craft nutter/lover of beautiful things – be that man or woman. 

And I suppose that I could equate my love for things of this nature, to Grant’s love of things of a vehicular nature.  The thought of having to accompany him to a car show, ambling about, and being dragged around endlessly “admiring” cars, fills me with zero enthusiasm.  It’s all gibberish to me and I don’t speak car at all.  It’s all torque, over steer, engine size, under steer, blah, blah, blah.  Nothing personal against my man, or cars and his love for them.  They just don’t fill me with enthusiasm.  And hey, don’t forget – I love Top Gear.

So, I’m thinking, that perhaps a bit later in the week, when Grant is away on his trip, I might venture to Kamers again.  This time to do a solitary and completely self-indulgent walk about.  An excursion with me, myself and I.  Setting my own pace.  Soaking it all up and taking it all in. 

On second thought, perhaps I should invite my Dad along.  You know my Dad.  The one that passed away over 13 years ago.  He’s sure to buy me a little something (so, technically it's actually me).  I’ve told you how generous he is (once again me).  Nah!  Maybe I'm pushing it a bit.  Especially seeing as I already had a little walk about on Sunday evening at the opening night, when Albert played (I was his +1).  And my Dad (yip, me again) did buy me a little necklace (R20) and three darling little perspex angels (R45 in total).  Such a sweetie.  I would hate to appear to be taking advantage.  And lest we forget - it is nearly Xmas.  He needs to save his cash for then.



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