Saturday, 27 October 2012

Happy 100th!!!

Happy 100th!!!
26 October 2012

100th blog tonight!  Woohooo!  And what a journey it’s been. 

It all began rather innocuously with an “And so it came to pass”.  But the real blogging and stretching of me only actually began from my second post.  Especially since the first was more of a “let’s test this and see if it works” experiment.  In the past 100 posts I’ve done the following:

I’ve done a bit of soul searching.  Delved into my darker side.  Rejoiced in the silly that lives in side of me.  Been brutally honest.  Expressed appreciation to those that mean so very much to me.  Showed gratitude.  Given love.  I’ve kept it real, except for the silly bits of course, because the humour is what keeps me going.  Thought deep thoughts.  Had fun.  Laughed a lot, mostly at myself.  Relived some special memories.  Gone down some nearly forgotten roads.  Triggered some nearly forgotten memories too.  Celebrated my large and lovely family, whom I love madly.  Shared aspirations, disappointments, regrets, wishes and dreams.  Shown a window into my world and the people around me.

I’ve strived to be respectful of those I blog about.  And only blog with their permission if my posts include them.  I’ve decided to reflect back happiness and not ponder on negativity.  An attitude which I apply to my daily life too.  And though some posts are more serious, they’re not dark and depressing.  I’ve been truthful and sincere.  I’ve given of myself.

I love the bubbling of ideas in my head, when I’m writing a story.  The way the words flow, like a beautiful melody.  Or perhaps it’s rather like a fast sprouting tree.  Literally shooting out of the ground, growing leaves, branches and fruit all in one day.  How I might start writing in the morning, but mentally keep on adding to the story throughout my day, until it reaches completion before posting at night.  My thoughts drift to something I might like to add.  A delicious idea I’d like to explore.  A feeling, an experience I’d like to show more.  All this whilst carting my kids and doing everyday things.  My brain never switches off.

I am not sure how good any of the stuff is.  And though it is extremely rewarding if others like the stories, I suppose their true purpose is to keep me entertained.  It is a history of my life, thoughts and feelings.  A journal of sorts.  Something my kids might enjoy later in life, when they look back on it.  It’s kind of a diary of their mom, their family and their childhood.  And even if I stop tomorrow (which I have nooooo intention of doing), the bit I’ve done so far has been great and so rewarding.  I’m proud of what I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished and achieved.  More than I ever dreamt possible.  I never knew I’d have that much to write about and I’m delighted with the avenues and twisty little roads I’ve gone down on my journey.  When I look back at past posts, I still love the same stuff.  Laugh at my own silliness again.  Feel affirmation of what I’ve written.  The love I get from others fills me with joy.  Most of my whole big family reads daily.  And I often get e-mails, messages, bbm’s, sms’ and even phone calls about posts and comments.  Friends and family alike.  And then of course some new faces I’ve met through the blog too. 

And much as I simply do the blog for fun and all the stated reasons above, there is a wonderful sense of anticipation when I wake up in the mornings and check what’s happened since the last time I looked – the activity and stats when I get a chance to take a peep.  I get a warm feeling in the very pit of my stomach when a story does well.  When there’s a surge of interest, when it gets shared and when there’s lots of comments too – both on the actual blog and Facebook.

It’s a huge commitment though, mainly because I’m anal and like to post every day.  And I can’t post a blog I simply don’t love.  It might sound very dramatic, but it’s a bit like giving birth to a story daily – without having to go through the water retention, labour and extra weight.  And once I post it each night, the baby gets feet of its own and has to be independent, because I find myself pregnant with yet another story again.  Though the writing is easy and relatively quick, I do add a bit to blogs before the final post.  I look for pics and if need be, make sure that my facts are correct.  I’m sure I make loads of typo’s and I’m sorry for that.  I always check and double check before posting, but often I’m tired and one slips through the cracks.  I consult my Concise Oxford Dictionary every so often – with a stretch of the arm, it’s wisdom and knowledge becomes mine.  I take more care when taking photos these days, with an eye on a possible post at some stage.  And each and every time, just before I publish my post, I read through it yet again and think “aah, I really love this one”.

I’d like to say a big thanks to all that stay tuned.  For reading my ramblings and checking in on the blog.  For sharing and commenting and spreading the word.  Your support and appreciation mean the world to me.  You all keep me going and make it worthwhile.  For without you, there would be no point.  There’s a joy in sharing.  Because stories are the best when they’re told to someone else.  The retelling brings it to life and a shared understanding.   And perhaps through my writing some might “get” me more.  I think that even I might have a better handle on me right about now.  It’s made me more focused and I’ve gained lots in the process.  I’m still Helene – slightly overweight (but attempting to get a bit thinner at present), approaching forty, mother of three kids I adore, wife of Grant, Jumping Castle tycoon (in my dreams – no wait, in my dreams I don’t have to work), daughter of Maggie, granddaughter of many, sister of Albert and Katrine, ambitious and fledgling blogger, Harty Farty crafter, helper, giver, kind person, hopefully good friend to many, humble, grounded and perhaps a little bit funny and quirky too.

So happy 100th and watch this space.  I hope to keep you entertained with my ramblings some more.

Big love,


Together we did it!
From the bottom of my heart
No, seriously, THANK YOU!
 And to my fans from overseas, (choose applicable language) to you too


  1. No Helene - don't thank us! It's THANK YOU!! I cannot tell you how much your blog means to me, every day. Its literally how I start my day - I am totaly addicted!! It is such a priviledged window and insight into your life. And you are all these things - helper, giver, kind person, great niece to me, AMAZING grandaughter to my Mom, fabulous daughter to my darling sister Maggie, the best foefie to Katrine,SUPERMOM to your lucky kids, loving wife, fun cousin,super friend. You are humble, grounded, VERY VERY funny and delightfully quirky. I just LOVE your sense of humour! You are caring and loving and in a word - SPECIAL! I am so proud of you. So no - its not thank us - its definitely thank YOU!!

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  3. Congratulations, Helene!

    I look forward to each blog and am never disappointed! Thank you!

    You inherited Ouma Helene and Ouma Cathy's perseverance, sense of duty and persistence.
    And Ouma Helene's writing talent.

    Very grateful for this wonderful injection of humour and insight every day.


  4. Dear Helene, I just cannot agree with Bettie more!!!! Thank you, thank you. Keep up the blogging
    it is so inspiring to read with good laughs and a few tears!!!!
    Much love Mandy