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My 2nd Husband

My 2nd Husband
14 September 2012

Now most of you would be surprised to know that I’ve got a 2nd husband.  And I suppose, given the fact that I’m still very much married to Grant, who is my 1st husband, my 2nd husband is proof positive that polygamy is still very much alive and well. 

But if I’m inflicting polygamy on my 1st husband with my 2nd husband, then my 2nd husband is doing the same to his 1st wife.  Have I lost you yet?  Right, so get a pen and a piece of paper.  You might need to write this down to keep track.  I’ll go slo-o-o-wly.  I only have children with my 1st husband, not with my 2nd husband.  Now my 2nd husband has children with his 1st wife, but not with me.  Well, he couldn’t really have kids with me, as conjugal rights are not a part of our “marriage” – it is platonic after all.

And truth be told, I am only one of my 2nd husband’s numerous wives, apart from his 1st wife of course (are you really writing this down?).  My 2nd husband runs a bit of a harem,  and I am but one of his many concubines.

A whole group of moms used to meet under the tree at Beaumont every afternoon when we fetched our kids from school.  Most of us had known each other for yonks.  We used to arrive at school for the early collection for the little kids, and then wait the hour and fifteen minutes until our eldest kids finished school as well.  There really was not much point in travelling home, for that short little while.  We used to bring our camping chairs (I kid you not), snacks and make a little laager, soaking up the sun, whilst the little kids played around and we waited for the bigger ones.  Chatting up a storm of course.  And amidst all of the moms, there was one solitary dad.  And he very quickly became a part of the tree-moms.

Skip forward a few years, and I think, seeing our plight, Beaumont eventually gave us a beautiful little wooden pavilion style bench to sit on in the afternoons.  We quickly ‘adopted’ Tim as one of the moms.  He’s an awesome guy, doing a fabulous job with his boys.  His lovely wife works full time, and while Tim works from home, it leaves him more flexible to do the lifting and carting of their kids.  We would spend many an afternoon, catching up on each other’s news – you know killing dead time, waiting for our kids.  Now a marvellous by-product of our friendship with Tim, is the fact that he is a trained chef.  So the sharing of recipes in the afternoons, became a bit of a habit.  He is a whizz in the kitchen, and can bake with equal flair.

We always joked about the fact that he was the only “male” mom in the group.  A thorn amongst the roses.  But he was completely comfortable and relaxed amongst us.  One of the gals – in a manly sort of way, you understand.  His wife is an incredible and creative lady, who is utterly unthreatened by our friendship with her husband.  After all – all of us are friends with her as well.  In fact, I’m going to her birthday tea next Saturday, and I simply can’t wait to see what Tim has baked for us for our afternoon treats. 

So, finally at the end of last year, when some of our kids moved on, from Primary school, to High school, and Tim would no longer be a part of the tree-mom group, we printed a t-shirt for him and it read:  “Pick-up girls do it under the tree”.  And being the good sport that he is, our mutual husband wears it with pride.  We still see each other – most of our kids are still friends as well.  And just a few weeks ago, Tim and his harem all went out for breakfast together.  You know – to catch up a bit and share some more recipes…..

My 2nd Husband with his 1st Wife
A group photo taken of a whole lot of us at my 2nd Husband's son's Bar Mitzvah
So the kid in the middle, is my 2nd Husband's eldest son with his 1st wife. And the kid, just to the left of him, is my eldest son, from my 1st husband. Lost you yet??? Also taken at the Bar Mitzvah.
 Jeez, it's just as well that my 1st Husband is not jealous. Personally I think he's all for my 2nd Husband, especially if it helps to improve my cooking skills.

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