Sunday, 16 September 2012

Here comes the sun - dee-doo-dee-dee!

Here comes the sun - dee-doo-dee-dee!
16 September 2012

What an absolutely fabulous day!  Uplifting, energizing and happiness inducing for sure.

Yet, at the same time, oddly depressing as well.  Dieting shall have to start in all earnestness.  Seriously this time.  No jokes.  And perhaps, I’ll even have to go the dreaded exercise route.  Not a thought that fills me with a great deal of enthusiasm.  But having given it some thought (about 3 minutes), I have decided that, if I have to exercise, yoga might be the perfect route for me.  Not too invasive.  I can start slowly and get some how-to info off the internet and hopefully teach myself a few moves.  I can increase stamina and flexibility at my own pace.  Do a wee bit of toning.  Perfect balancing on one leg.  Practice the perfect pitch when I try to meditate and say “hom”.  You know – useful type of stuff.  Not that I have ever meditated in my life, but I reckon should I ever want to, it would lend way more credibility if I at least looked like I knew what I was doing.

So, I shall be committed and true to my purpose – perhaps tomorrow.  Actually, it’s very bad to undertake a mammoth task like this on a Monday - you set yourself up for failure and disappointment.  So I’m thinking it would be best if I started on Tuesday.  But on second thought, it probably would be most logical to start on a Wednesday.  It has a much nicer ring to it, and that way I’d already be halfway towards the weekend.  But isn’t Wednesday’s child full of woe?  Not a good sign.  Thursday simply wouldn’t do for me, as it is a very, very busy day for me with my kids and I don’t think I’ll be able to survive on a lettuce leaf alone.  I would definitely need to carbo load to see me that day through.  No point in even pretending to give exercising and dieting a go over a weekend, which brings us right back to Monday.  And we all know, that you just can’t undertake a mammoth task like this on a Monday…..

But for today, I’m going to eat, drink and be merry.  Grant got a gift of 20 crayfish tails, so we’re having a crayfish and chop braai with his folks.  Yummy!!!  Sadly, by tomorrow, I will be honking of garlic, but it is a small price to pay for such epicurean delights.  You only live once and all that…

Now, getting back to the yoga thing.  I am really quite keen and think that a fair bit of toning, would go a long way.  I do however have one small area of concern.  I have it on excellent authority from reliable, trustworthy and indeed experienced sources, that you need to have an incredible level of trust in your body to be able to do yoga.  Not because of all the stretching, resulting stiffness and stuff.  My concerns are far more basic and down to earth.  Apparently few things are more embarrassing than an inconvenient bout of flatulence when you’re in a deep yoga stretch.  A real mood breaker for sure.  Which brings me right back to my clever plan of “teaching” myself via the Internet.  Surely this can be done?  

I’m convinced that if I set my mind to it, in no time whatsoever, the dreaded Mildred will once again be banished from my life.  Or at least she will be once I finally decide on a dieting date.  Perhaps I can schedule it in for a Wednesday three weeks from now?  Maybe I should rather pencil it in and not schedule it in.  I’d hate to come across as too rigid and fixed in my ideas.  Which reminds me, as we left Grant’s folks this afternoon, and I once again dangled my arm out the window, I spotted the arm waddle as we reversed the car.  And I think I might have finally cracked the code.  It’s those bloody side view mirrors.  They definitely add a few extra kilo’s and inches – in the exact same manner that the mirrors in the Woolies changing room does.  Perhaps it's a curvature thing with the mirror, to ensure optimum vision?  My question is, why would they do such a thing?  Menacing!

Anyway, must dash.  Going to go Internet surfing a bit for yoga poses.  All to increase my education you see.  Such a good cause.  “Hom…..”.  Or are they perhaps saying “Nyom…..”.  In which case it really should be “Nom-nom…..”

Lovely beach setting
Simply love the lush green forest look

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