Monday, 24 September 2012

Harty Farty

Harty Farty
24 September 2012

Oh my friggin hat!  What have I gotten myself into???

I absolutely LOVE making stuff.  I’ve always got a project I’m busy working on.  So this year, after being urged by a few friends and my family, I decided to take the plunge and take the crafting to the next level.  How?  I had the “bright” idea, that I would attempt to do some of the Xmas markets and try and sell my wares.  And thus “Harty Farty” was born – I have a positive thing for hearts.  No, I couldn’t do a normal, conventional name.  It had to be quirky and unusual, otherwise I would have been bored stiff instantly.  My special friend, Gill, designed a logo for me.  I had a little bird charm on a necklace, and wanted to use that, and Gillie made it happen for me.  She’s a really clever gal!

I “developed” nine goodies in “my range”.  All very diverse.  I got most of my ideas by stealing with my eyes and doing a fair bit of copying of other ideas and then tweaking them to the way that I like.  I am extremely unoriginal and am simply not clever enough to have my own unique idea after all.  I also got some awesome ideas off Pinterest (worst website in the entire world – it is just way too addictive).  And truth be told, lots of the stuff I had been doing in any rate, giving them to friends and family for birthdays and Christmas.  It all made perfect sense.

So, I applied for a few markets and much to my delight, I got into two of them.  I had really hoped to get into “Kamers vol geskenke”, but it was not to be.  And in hindsight, I’m just sooo grateful.  I believe those ladies run a very tight ship and are extremely demanding and fastidious.  I suspect they would have crushed my fragile ego.

I have been burning the midnight oil like mad.  And between my normal running around, kids, my home, family, crafting and the blog, I’ve been stretched quite thin for quite a while.  Days are busy, hectically so, so at night time, when my family are sleeping, I craft.  It can be rather solitary though, and I do like a bit of company.  So while I craft in my lounge, I listen to either old Grey’s Anatomy DVD’s or old Brothers and Sister’s DVD’s.  I don’t watch, but as I’ve seen all of these before, the listening along thing is mighty fine.  I know all the best bits in any rate.  I go to bed at about 1h00 in the morning, and the new day starts again at about 6h00.  I’ve always been a night owl and can go with very little sleep.  This does not mean that I don’t enjoy sleep, because I do.  Very much so.  Now I’m not having a pity party here, I’m merely setting the scene.  It’s been busy.

But I met my first big deadline, which was a biggie for me.  This afternoon, I went and dropped off all of my goodies for my first market, called the CY Market in Durbanville.  They accepted three of my items, and so I’ve been making Peg Fridge Magnets, Gr8 Jewellery Stands as well as Mosaic Stones (they’re doorstops).  It was quite an undertaking, and I have an extreme case of OCD, so everything had to be just so and absolutely perfect.  I cannot describe the huge feeling of accomplishment though.  Just feeling so chuffed and happy with what I’ve achieved.  Even in just completing the task I set out for myself .  And I have told Grant sternly that I’m going to lay off the crafting for at least a week now, until I start tackling things again for my next market.  But I lied – I’ve already done a wee bit of sewing today.  If I have to say so myself, I make the MOST gorgeous brooches.  Well, I think they’re gorgeous.  Which is rather important, because I would simply hate doing something that I wasn’t absolutely in love with myself.  In fact, it just wouldn’t work for me.

So what have I got to show for myself up to this point?  Well, I have boxes and boxes of little things that I am using for all of my various projects.  Every single variety of glue on the market, spray paints, graters, magnets, loads and loads and loads of pretty ribbons, mosaic stones, grouting, old cutlery, broken bits of crockery, pieces of wood, paint swatches, old medicine bottles, cotton thread in every colour imaginable, my very own little guillotine (best buy ever!), paint, felt, buttons, clasps, packaging baggies in various sizes, needles, double sided tape, old banged up books, old keys, sheets and sheets and sheets of coloured paper and board, numerous pairs of scissors, Harty Farty logo stickers, wooden washing pegs, punches, hooks, screws, string, fishing line, etc., etc., etc.  And so the list goes on.  As well as nicks and scrapes on my hands.  A sore back from hunching over.  And excessive sense of achievement, which is worth more than money alone.  Why?  Because I did it.  I don’t think I’ll be extremely successful financially, which is not really the point.  There is just so many beautiful things out there and creative people putting them together.  So I don’t think I’ll make much money, which would have been lovely.  But I’ll have loads and loads of fun in the process. 

And just to give you an idea - to spice things up a bit and keep me on my toes, I also have a huge, enormous, cavernous, Kimberley-sized hole in my head.  Because every year, I hand make about 100 Christmas cards.  I know – what an absolute idiot!!!  Grant just mumbles a lot and shakes his head.  He doesn’t get it at all.  And who can blame him.  I’m not entirely sure that I get it either.  It’s expensive and time consuming, yet I love it and every year I do it again.  Sorry, let me rephrase that - I’m a stupid, blithering, idiotic idiot!

So stand by folks, for a few pics of my goodies for the CY Market.  Do have a squiz and should the urge grab you, head off to the Market and be sure to look out for Harty Farty.  And perhaps, just perhaps, if I’m very, very, very lucky, in about three week’s time, I’ll get a little deposit into my banking account.  Which will be just as well, as I’ll have to settle the outstanding costs on my first market, not accounting for what I need to buy for the next one.

And do you know what?  Just guess who got into the “Kamers vol geskenke” market?  Would you believe it, but my bloody brother!  You know, the boy in my family, who doesn’t even appreciate it!  Or care for that matter.  Well, I suppose he will appreciate the money they pay into his account for performing for them, but still.  Ain’t that just typical!!!  I keep on having a giggle when I think about it.  My brother, at “Kamers vol geskenke”!  Too funny for words.  I’m hoping I can perhaps be his “plus one” when he goes and performs at the opening.  That way I’ll be able to have a sneak peak at the competition, so that I can plan what crafts to do next…

Some of my doorstop stones
All of the stones are from Kleinbaai

I needed to make 60 in total for the first market - a mammoth task
Gr8 Jewellery Stands - to hook your earrings on
My little table at the market with my Peg Fridge Magnets and Mosaic Stones - spot some of my bunting made from paint swatches - clever, hey!
A bit more up close. I absolutely love the stand I made from an old kitchen cupboard shutter style door.
Gr8 Jewellery Stands and some more pegs


  1. I truly do not know where you find the time! Well done and good luck with your first ever market!

  2. absolutely stunning Helene,love love love it*****