Friday, 7 September 2012

Be like the flu - go forth and contaminate

Be like the flu - go forth and contaminate
7 September 2012

I’m trying to spread the word about the blog a bit and grow the daily views.  I’m a hair breadth away from 10 000 view in less than 2 months.  I couldn’t even dream that big when I started the blog.  In fact, I had no expectations.  So having it now within my grasp is surreal.  And when I reach the magical figure, I will be sure to celebrate.  Not sure, what I’ll do to celebrate, but I’m feeling a little bit of KFC Zinger Wing love coming along.  After all, Mildred also deserves a treat.

So how exactly does one promote a blog?  Quite obviously, I don’t have a friggin clue.  I suppose, first and foremost, the stories should be interesting and good.  At present I write them with myself in mind, not really trying to garner an audience or carry favour with one.  I write about stuff that I find amusing and interesting.  Stuff that literally tickles me, that’s happened to me or that’s on my mind.  I’ll have a “title” or topic in my head and then explore it through the writing.  The story grows as I’m typing.  I don’t plan them in advance and they sometimes veer far away from the original title and take me on a bit of a journey.  The writing is therapeutic and I find it entertaining , enjoyable and stimulating to do.  The fact that others enjoy them is a marvellous by-product.  And rather unexpected.

I try and post something new every day, or more accurately every night.  I do a quick write in the morning, and then perhaps tweak it (no, not tweet or Twitter – I mean I fiddle with it a bit) and add photos later, before posting it.  And so far, so good.  With the exception of one night, when my Internet was down, I’ve done a post every night.
The statistics are very interesting and family stories are the most popular by far.  I’ve still got quite a few more family stories to do and I’m sure my family will continue to give me fodder for loads more.  There are a few weddings, the odd divorce, as well as a story about “The Footwear” – my sister and her husband.  But that’s a story for another night.

I share the link to my stories on Facebook and my family does the same.  I’ve had the odd luck.  Leigh-Ann Mol from 5fm, who I don’t know from a bar of soap, liked two of my stories and she did a marvellous job of sharing them.  It is amazing how the blog spikes after such a share.  I don’t do the Twitter thing, but apparently the odd story has also been shared via Twitter. 

I would love to “hit the big time”.  But why?  Recognition?  Glory?  Fame?  Nah, none of those.  This is for fun.  Sure I’d like to take it to the next level.  Even better would be to earn some money off it.  Either through sponsorship, someone publishing a story, or whatever means.  I’m not saying the writing is good enough for that.  In fact, I know it’s not.  It’s just a pipe dream.  I certainly will never get a big head.  I have been very humbled by the response.  I’ve enjoyed the interaction with others, their comments on the stories and the feedback I’ve received. 

If I have to describe my writing style (oh, sounds very grown-up, hey?), I’d have to say it’s got a lot of humour.  It’s honest.  It’s real.  It’s sincere.  It’s not pretentious.  It’s not fake.  It focuses on family.  The family I was born into and the one I’ve helped to create and I’m trying to raise.  It’s heartfelt and sometimes heart wrenching.  Sometimes it’s just about silly stuff.  I don’t take myself seriously.  I love laughing, even at my own expense.

So, I guess what I’m asking is this – if you like something, please share and spread the word.  And this also goes for Natalya, Svetlana and Tatiana – do your thing.  Russia is a big country – step it up a notch, please girls.  Be like the flu – go forth, spread and contaminate…..





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