Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Two little children

Two little children
May 2002

Two little children
Born from my womb
Now lying in my bed
Sharing my room

The one big,
blond and fair
The other small and tiny,
With dark hair

Their souls entrusted to me
For their safekeeping
At night when they are sleeping
In their rooms I go a peeping

My tall and handsome
Great big boy
And my tiny baby
My greatest joy

Their lives and empty canvas
To fill with life’s delights
My painter’s pallet
Rich and full
The colours bold and bright

I wish them such a happy life
Where kisses, hugs and smiles are rife
May my mother’s touch
And soothing calm
Act like nature’s healing balm

Written in about May 2002 - when Amber was still quite little and had dark hair.

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  1. Very sweet Helene - and they have grown most beautifully - to be three big kids!