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I think there's something wrong with me.

I think there's something wrong with me
13 January 2012
I think there is something wrong with me, because I just don’t get it. 
I simply love movies, especially of the chick-flick variety.  Now take a chick-flick movie and add to that a Xmas or festive type theme and you have a winning combo.  I also love a good old skop-skiet-en-donner, but there is something truly magical about a Xmassy chick-flick.

In every single chick-flick or come to think of it, any movie I have ever watched, there is a recurring theme when it comes to Xmas, Thanksgiving, Weddings, Funerals, or any other gatherings of the family variety – it’s large scale whinging about spending time together as a family.
So, I ask you this – what is fundamentally wrong with us Lombards?  Why don’t we fight more?  It is positively un-American – and let’s face it we are all partly American thanx to Bill Cosby, Oprah, The A-team, etc. etc. etc.  We’ve been indoctrinated by means of American based sitcoms, TV Series’ and movies by a powerful force, known by it’s technical scientific name as – THE TELEVISION...(hushed awed silence).

Kleinbaai was amazing as always.  Loads of family time.  Mixes of different generations.  Families coming and going and just simply fitting in and going with the flow.  Lots of laughter, eating, relaxing, cooking, walking, chatting, sleeping, reading, guitar playing, dart playing, movie watching, music listening, shopping, snoozing, browsing, rock-throwing, fish-catching, connecting, baking, shell-hunting, fire-making, giggling, enjoying, communicating, sunset-watching, coffee-drinking, snacking, fixing, wood-carrying, shopping-list-making, dartboard-revamping, reading-of-Cole’s-Grade-One-books, and I mean lots of laughing, Xmas market shopping, loads of guitars, sleeping in bakkies, occasional sweeping, champagne toasts to degree’s, excursions to Hermanus, embroidery-ing, instrument buying, lounging about, even more laughing and I mean lots of laughing, fruit eating, stoep-sitting, etc. etc. etc.

All in all a truly magical Kleinbaai time as always, but wait – we had not yet had enough…
On the 30th those round and about and brave enough joined up for a lovely Cloetenberg picnic in celebration of Maria and Jon’s wedding as well as Ouma Helene’s 81st birthday.  It was simply marvellous.  Lots of delicious food, puddings and cakes galore, kids playing hockey and cricket on the lawn, swinging, magnificent weather, little groups of people sitting chatting on blankets on the lawn or under trees and on the little benches, utterly relaxing.

Beautiful speeches and love felt all round.

And still we wanted more…

Elaine’s 21st birthday party on the 6th of January was fantastic.  Once again we pulled in en masse.  Willem and Charmaine’s home looked incredible and they had pulled out all the stops to make everything look picture perfect for Elaine’s big night.  Tarpaulins, couches, benches and cushions outside, fairy lights across the swimming pool, a stage with sound and lights on the raised little terrace, scrumptious food, delectable desserts and cakes, awesome dips and chips, and live music galore.  Beautiful words spoken by Willem, as well as Elaine.  Five Lombards on stage at once – Albert, Jac, Gareth, Adam and Roxy.  Personalised Chinese Lanterns for Elaine, with friends and family writing special messages to her.  A truly memorable night.

So next time, peeps, can we please try and crank it up a notch?  I’m talking irritation with each other, door slamming, sulking, raised voices and maybe even some fisty-cuffs thrown in for good measure.  Maybe we can try and raise the bar at Easter Time.  After all we are sooo bloody boring, we could never make the grade as a normal “American” family.  And if by some miracle we don’t get it right at Easter, we can maybe give it a bash again at Xmas in July.  Anyone keen?

My "little" nuclear family.  Sadly we didn't have a wide enough lense to fit the other 35 close family members in.

The view from the lounge at Kleinbaai, out onto the stoep and the sea.  Magical!

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