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Misheard Song Lyrics


Misheard Song Lyrics
23 June 2013

I am absolutely famous for singing along loudly to songs.  Quite often, I indulge in the car, and give my kids my own personal renditions of truly awesome songs (I do a fabulous Bohemian  Rhapsody, complete with all of the voices).  Which strangely enough they don’t seem to enjoy all that much (bunch of weirdo’s – they just don’t appreciate true talent!).  I get such enjoyment from it.  And never let it be said, that my lack of conviction about what the actual words in a song are, puts me off singing at full volume.  Why would I let it bother me at all?  As long as it sounds vaguely the same, I’m happy.  My family however does sadly not agree.  As mentioned before – bunch of weirdo’s!

For many songs, the lyrics seem so garbled, that it is quite possible to mistake the actual lyrics in the song, and use similar sounding substitutes instead.  To be none the wiser, until years and years later, when you accidently read the inside cover of a CD and see the real words.  Sometimes rather surprising.  It can even change your whole opinion about a song completely.

I remember my Dad always commenting that irrespective of where they played a gig, at some or other point some drunk guy would stumble up to the stage with a request for them to please play, “Hasie”.  Now South Africa being in possession of a large number of Afrikaans speaking people, I do believe that the first time they got this request it baffled them quite a bit.  A song about a rabbit?  Seriously?  “No, sorry mate, never heard that one.  How does it go?”.  To which they inevitably got an off key rendition of “I see a bad moon a rising…”.  Right!  It actually makes perfect sense.  Kinda.  In a weird and twisted way.

I suppose the same logic applied to ABBA, when they had to learn their own song lyrics, what with them being Swedish and all.  And not being proficient in English when they first hit the scenes.  Phonetically learning the words was actually rather ingenious.

My foray into misheard song lyrics actually happened quite by accident, when I say that someone posted this little nugget onto Facebook.  Do yourself a favour and have a look.  It is sure to entertain you.  The problem is that once I had a look at this clip, I found myself off on a little bit of a youtube-style-fest.  A tangent if you please.  I gorged myself on a whole bunch of clips.  All related to misheard song lyrics of course.  There is just SUCH awesome material out there.  And some gave me a really good laugh.,,,  Enjoy!  It is worth the indulgence.  You won’t be sorry.

Amongst others, there was the Rihanna song, “Don’t Stop The Music”.  There is a catchy little phrase in the song, which goes like this, “Ma ma say, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa".  It is rather infectious little ditty and chances are, once you’ve heard the song, you’ll find yourself singing along to it, every single time thereafter.  But on my foray into misheard song lyrics, I learnt that it has become a bit of an anthem to those obsessed with Bill Gates and his wonderful Microsoft.  As many people out there sing along too, but with them the words are:  "I'm insane, I'm the sound of Microsoft."  And I must confess, I am clearly a Microsoft convert too, and will sing these same lyrics from now on too.  How can I not?

But perhaps, nothing will ever compete with the confusion of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in terms of mistaken lyrics.  My hat!  The sky is the limit.  Pretty much anything you can imagine, has been substituted for the actual real lyrics.  Well, perhaps they’re not the limit.  Nirvana is also vying for top spot.

So perhaps give this a thought, the next time you sing along loudly.  Are those really the right words?  And does it really matter?

Take it from me – poutaytou, poytahtou…

As long as you’re having fun and enjoying yourself, that’s all that’s important.  Who really cares?  I bet Bill Gates doesn’t.



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